Monday, August 30, 2010

Berlin's Bier House

Life has been a little messy lately.

Sometimes a little bit too free, sometimes rushing everything here and there, everywhere.

Inconsistently, not so well planned.

Maybe it's my fault.

Not planning everything well and not having a schedule properly.

That's why the blog hasn't been updated properly for a while!

Every time I wanna update my blog, there sure is something to do.

Or else, I just have nothing to blog about.


Now push those aside, I actually have quite some stuff to blog about.

Something to share in coming entries.

For now, just wanna share a few photos.

There's this new beer house somewhere in Greentown, Ipoh called Berlin's Bier House.

Found out it's open by former Manager of Brussels' in Jaya One.

Went for it two nights straight a few weeks ago.

First night was with Bell and Emiko while the next night was with Emiko and Benny instead.

And with that, I am sort of sick of beer for a while now.

Beer still not very appealing to me now.

Not yet at least.






Food there are quite good.

We had more food than I was able to take pictures of due to bad lighting when the sky was getting darker and darker.

We ordered pork rib and lamb rack first.

Pork rib wasn't good but the lamb rack is, definitely yummy.

After that we ordered the pork knuckle specially introduced by the waiter and no doubt, it as good. Really really good.

But too bad they don't have Hoegaarden draught. Only bottle.

Hence I couldn't have my fav and had Stella Artois instead.

The owner then recommended Erdinger Weisbier. Not bad but I still like Hoegaarden better.

Now Emiko is sort of in love with Berlin's but we are sort of broke to go there so soon again.

The second night with the amount of food and all the beer we ordered, the bill came up to RM200plus.

Kinda pricey but if only for beer then it should be fine.

I don't mind going back there again.

Though on downside, no Hoegaarden.

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