Monday, August 23, 2010

a dash of personality

Few weeks ago when I was bloghoping just an hour before my theory exam, I saw something so pretty I just went to the site and bought it.

Just a few minutes before exam and I just have to spend online.

Everything including postage cost me about approximately RM180. Since I paid with USD through credit card, I think it's somewhere around there.

It's never nice to shop using USD because the figure is so small in USD, it's so tempting and wait till you convert the price back to RM you would be enjoying yourself so much to stop.

Though that's not exactly my case.

Mine is more like, okiee la, die then die! So I died.

But the package didn't come until I have gone to KL and it only reach like a week after where I still needed to wait for another week to come back Ipoh to get my shopping good.

So then I came back feeling excited to see this lovely purchase.


It's a sleeve for my MacBook Pro!

I have been looking up and down for a sleeve for my MacBook Pro but nothing that I like that cross my path.

Plus most that is nice is too expensive and not worth the price while those that is too cheap doesn't serve the purpose too well hence I did not get any until now.

The other day I was browsing through Karen Cheng's blog and she bought this amazing laptop sleeve online and she include the url as well.

With the url, I was tempted to go look at the site and in less than a few minutes, I decided it's worth the price.






The laptop sleeve is a handmade sleeve from Singapore, Fabrix.

They have super nice patterns for sleeve and they sell all sort of sleeves and casings.

Anything from laptop to iPhone cover, iPod, iPad, camera and etc etc.

At first the one that I saw from Karen Cheng's blog is already so beautiful and when I got to the site, I found this super gorgeous pattern in total black!

I gotta have it!

And now I got, honestly, no regrets!

The quality is amazing and it's handmade.

And even the fabrics used for the inner part is very good quality and even the inner part looks pretty.

I forgot to take pictures of the inner part though.

Now I have this beautiful sleeve for my MacBook Pro, am so happy whenever I carry it around.

It feels like it has a personality rather than the usual boring MacBook Pro like everyone else.

It made my day every time I bring it out.

RM180 well spent I would say.

Though there's still a little bit heartache every time I think about it but looking at the beauty, the wound heals itself.

Highly recommended and if you are looking for iPad casing, Fabrix has got new awesome iPad casing!

I would definitely get one from them if I have an iPad.

If only.

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