Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sunday, no make up day. Off day for my skin.

Hence that explains the obvious big and small eyes and the oddly shape eyebrows. lol


Some photostatic faces of mine.

Was sitting in OldTown White Coffee in Summit waiting for time to come for the movie.

Before decided to go OldTown, I wanted to go Starbucks actually.

But asked around and they say Starbucks in Summit closed down already! Wtf?

No Starbucks for me hence OldTown only.

Anyway, movie of the day is Inception!

Super slowpoke again.


Guess this movie has been up since forever already and now only I watched it.

One is because I didn't feel like watching it when it first goes on screen.

But everyone keep saying its a great movie and a must watch.

So I decided to follow the crowd and watch this in the cinema.

Heard this is all about thinking, a movie that requires you to think and ponders.

Sounds like a difficult movie to watch.






Another thing, I don't like the main character in the movie, Cobb, acted by Leonardo Dicaprio.

I don't know why but I never like watching him.

Something about his face, I guess. Just don't like it.

It would be so much better if the face wasn't Leonardo Dicaprio to begin with.

But at least there's some favourite characters in it.

For example, I like the girl acting as Ariadne and also the guy acting as Arthur.

Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Both very interesting to watch.

Then the storyline was awesome.

I wouldn't say that it requires so much thinking that you wouldn't understand.

Because it seems like the whole storyline goes into a flow, a very smooth flow where everything explain themselves one after another.

But no doubt it has a certain depth into it.

Just maybe people who doesn't dream in real life might not understand certain parts of the movie but for those who does dream, it is not that hard to understand it.

The movie got me thinking but there's only one last part where I don't understand.

The ending.

But that is just maybe purely made to let the audience decide.

Whether Cobb is back to reality or he is still in the dream.

I guess different individuals can give a different ending based on self-interpretation because it didn't show what it should be before the whole scene was cut black.

For me, I chose to believe that Cobb is back in the reality and he's back home to his family.

I went to search for some read about the movie and there's a few explanation or interpretation of why Cobb is back in reality in the end or not.

There's a few interesting read and the one I like the most will be this.

After all, it's just a movie but if you really want to figure out whether what is the really ending, you can read and then think.

But if it's just a movie, we will be thinking too hard about it.

I guess one of the objective is to make the audience think hard.

Great job.

Because it makes me think very hard.

Hard enough to go search for information online and what's not.

And yes, it's a definitely must watch.

I don't even mind re-watching once again now.


Thristhan said...

The movie was ok to me, but not as great as everyone mentioned it was. I actually prefered SALT :)

Galvin Tan said...

Awesome movie and just like you... I choose to believe he's back in reality :)

fran said...

''Another thing, I don't like the main character in the movie, Cobb, acted by Leonardo Dicaprio.

I don't know why but I never like watching him.

Something about his face, I guess. Just don't like it.''

agree! i don like Leonardo Dicaprio too. just dunno why. LOL!

alLets'Lexy said...

thristhan, salt is so overrated. it sucks. no offence. =(

galvin, yay!! great mind thinks alike. =P

fran, lol. yeahhhh laaa!! cannot tahan his face. =P

Anonymous said...

You can watch Juno, Ellen Page's debut film and also (500) Days of Summer which is the first time I've noticed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Both are quite good.

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