Friday, August 27, 2010

isabellmiao & emikocarrmen

Had a simple photoshoot with Bell and Emiko few days ago.

Just a simple not so well planned and definitely not so ngam timing photoshoot.

We were done preparing and went out only at around 9.30am and when we reach the destination, the sun is shining quite hot already and it's sort of too bright, too.

But we made through it.

The only problem is, I have problems with both of my models.

They seems to be... so awkward.

Which I don't understand why since we are all good friends since forever already.

And even Bell who loves to camwhore max seems a little bit awkward.

I really feel like banging my head on the ground or something.

Or maybe my guide is not good enough.

Phailed max.

Even so, we eventually managed to work out a few that actually look nice.

Though not exactly fruitful session, at least we have quite a few photos that we all like in the end.

And now I finally managed to choose and edit all of them.

It's time to publish them here.

For ALL the photos, kindly proceed to the album in my Facebook here.

These are most of my favourites from the session.

Couldn't post everything here or it will be overload.

I am still looking for models to practice my photography.

Anyone who would love to have a free session with me, do kindly contact me.

Contact email at the side bar under profile.

Female or male is also welcome.

Thank you and adios.

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