Thursday, August 12, 2010

KimchiHaru ♥

A night out with my dear ass Bell.

We were supposed to meet up with Karen but that kid was too busy at PC Fair and ended up not meeting up due to unforeseen circumstances.

In short term, ffk-ed.

In a way. lol

Bell and I had KimchiHaru again!

Both craving for the same food and KimchiHaru is like the place Bell and I go to every time we have meals together.

KimchiHaru is a korean cuisine located in Jaya One.

Bell got me addicted.

And we always order the same dish when we go there.











We always have bibimbap.

Either plain bibimbap or cheese bibimbap.

And our new favourite dish is cheese topokki!

We decided to try topokki one day and totally fell in love.

It's so freaking yummy!

As shown in the picture above, all dish come with banchan, soup, salad and kimchi.

Since bibimbap is a rice dish, so most the time we don't get plain rice.

Salad and kimchi is refillable!

So if you can't get enough, ask for a refill.

You can have as many salad and kimchi as you want.

Most the time I eat the salad while Bell had the kimchi.

Kimchi is too strong for me, like... vege busuk. lol

Anyway, cheese topokki is definitely our new love.

Must try if you go to KimchiHaru.

Hardcore recommendation, go try KimchiHaru if you know where is Jaya One.

KimchiHaru is not exactly the old school Korean restaurant.

A twist of modern decoration but still nice enough.






And there's a TV which always show Korean shows.

Sometimes even live show.

We suspect that the TV is connected to a PC or something hence the Korean live show.

Most the time it will be Kpop showing, then you will see Bell eyes glued to the TV unable to look else where.

That will be the time when I am on my BB most the time.

Me no Kpop fans, too lala for my liking.

I don't know why Kpop always appear so lala to me, cannot tahan.




After dinner at KimchiHaru, enough of you-must-try-KimchiHaru part, Bell and I went over to Brussels to wait for Karen instead.

From 8pm we waited until 10pm plus and still that kid batang hidung also cannot see yet.

Since we have nothing better to do, 8pm is quite boring in Brussels, that crazy kid Bell decided we should go clubbing.

Due to the clubbing decision, Karen did not join us.

So we, two crazy kid drove all the way to Bangsar, got to Mist and club.

Only the two of us.

Ladies free walk in, definitely make us both happy.

Buy 1 free 1 for beer before 12pm, make us both even more happy.

Stayed on the dance floor from 12am to 3am, then we were dead.

Dead tired.

Bumped into my BaBa, J.J there though.

Surprisingly and that bastard was supposedly do not like to go club.

There's a few pictures of us with him though.

Still waiting and I wonder if those pictures are going to reach me anytime soon.

If not at all.


fran said...

why ah bell so pretty liao!
hehe nice one!
tell this to bell. LOL

alLets'Lexy said...

ah bell not always also pretty mer? =P

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