Monday, August 23, 2010

Nanny Love

I'm back from neglecting my blog. Again.

I am back in Ipoh for a week already now and it seems like I update more when I was in KL compare to now.

I am more busy in Ipoh now compare to the previous week. Surprise!

Finally I managed to squeeze some slacking time to update my blog.

Seriously, I don't want it dead.

I love ma blog too much to leave it die.

So here come a blog post after a week.

It was my Nanny's birthday last Monday.

One day after I came back from KL to be precise.

My Nanny is also my God Grandma.

Nanny turned God Grandma to be exact and that was more than 20 years ago.

This year we made an effort to have dinner with my Nanny for her birthday along with my God Mom.

Yep, my God Mom. So you see how Nanny turned God GrandMa because her daughter is my God Mom.

Just a simple dinner at Unique Seafood at Tambun.





Those are like the awesome dishes there.

The braised tofu with assorted mushroom, lamb stewed and best ever catfish.

You couldn't get any catfish better and more yummy than Unique Seafood in Ipoh. It's like the best ever I can have in my life and seriously, I never get enough.

Super yummy. The meat is bouncy and not just the usual smooth and soft catfish meat.

Mom bought a small cake last minute.

If she informed me earlier, I could have got a better cake.

But last minute effort, that's all we could have asked for.




Mad love my Nanny, very sporting and unlike some other old folk who is camera shy.

Maybe a little camera shy but still I could get some nice smiley happy face pictures of her.

It's nice to have dinner together but they are always so reject every time we say let's have dinner together.

I don't know why but maybe it's the typical chinese thinking that doesn't wanna bother others when it comes to meal.

I don't know.

Just maybe next year my Nanny's birthday, we can have a better dinner.


Last but not least, I gotta post one more picture.

My mom was in new dress that night!

And she asked me to take a full body picture of her. lol

Vain Mommy, vain.

My vain, pweety Mommy.

Mad love.


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