Friday, August 6, 2010


Finally got myself my first project.

Now am stranded in Pavilion alone.

All thanks to the Boss for ffk-ing me.






This time down here, I have been in Starbucks a lot.

All because no one is free to layan me most the time.

Seems like everyone is so busy.

So I gotta do my own stuff alone or just layan ownself.

Now I just finished a brief meeting in Pavilion.

It took me long enough to actually get to Pavilion because I went all the way to Kemunting before I realised I am supposed to be heading the other way round.

Missed a few turn when I finally reach Jalan Tun Razak but still thank god, I managed to reach Pavilion in one piece.

No one can imagine how lost I can be when I am in KL.

That is why I never really drive to KL itself.

While later I will just have to figure my own way to head back to PJ.

I wonder how.

Anyway, received a call from the Boss.

Seems like I haven't been paying much attention to the forums lately.

Guess I have to start paying less attention here and start paying more attention to

So... I guess lesser update I supposed.

Hopefully I can manage everything well and so I wouldn't have to abandon the blog.

Btw, there's a man in Starbucks that is actually watching Futurama.

In office wear. lol

What a weird sight.


fadah said...

coffee bean is better from starbucks...

jfook said...

Owh..Cheer up! :)

alLets'Lexy said...

fadah, no way! starbucks ftw! =P

jfook, lol. yeahh sure do.

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