Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4Tomorrow ♥

2 months ago, I was complaining about Bell that she Kpop too much to the extend all her tweets, Facebook shares, blogs and everything are Kpop related.

I complained, I couldn't communicate with her.

Now 2 months later, I am Kpop-ing!

Bell complained I Kpop now. lol

And I found this short series while I was Kpop-ing on Youtube.

4Tomorrow CF, a total of 6 videos with one song, 4Tomorrow.


I know, these was last year but wtf, I just started Kpop so can't blame me for being slowpoke.

Anyway, I took a liking to GaIn from B.E.G before watching this and now I mad love GaIn!

And from this I took a liking to HyunA from 4minute. Though I don't personally like 4minute.

Found 4Tomorrow video with English subs!

I watched twice because the first time I watched has got no subs.

But I love it, so I watched again with subs.


Am now listening to 2NE1.

Mad love Park Bom especially with her uber red hair!

Downloaded To Anyone full album and two videos.

Mad syiok-ness watching fullscreen videos of them.

Awsome-ness overdosed and now let me continue my fever.

Thought the boyfy is complaining and being weird about it, I don't know why.


Nicolette said...

one of them starred in 'You're Beautiful/ You're Handsome' drama too!!! Go watch kay? ♥ ♥ ♥

Isabellmiao said...

ahhhh.. Nicolette talking about Uee..
but i dun like Uee.. after watching her in You're Beautiful, i hate her even more. LOL!

alLets'Lexy said...

muahahhaa. i dun like uee either. =P the least among four of them. me rike gain and hyuna!! XDDDD

dong gun dong gunnnnn. <3

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