Saturday, September 11, 2010

Franc Glamour ♥

My first proper nail extension by Franc Glamour!

Officially de-virginized by Francine Hew, my bestie who is now a freelance manicurist.

Fran came back a few days ago and managed to get the chance to do this crazy awesome nail extensions for me.



Looking at that two thumbs pictures make me go crazy now.

She offers service in Singapore only since she's residing there and she's been up to a lot of promotions now!

Very crazy cheap offer for acrylic extensions.

Plus all the materials she use are top notch materials, confirm nice!

You can see how bling is the extension surface because she used gel top coat instead of the normal top coat. Gel top coat gives extra shine to the nails.

And all blings are Swarovski!

Seriously real, mad bling and shiny Swarovski in all different sizes.

I mad love blings to a level you couldn't imagine.

I was practically begging for more blings even though the base of my extensions are made from glitters powder already.



Designs are by Francine herself since I requested for something not too girly.

I can't stand pink, not that I hate it but if you were to put pink on me, I might wanna smack you to death.

Plus my everyday clothing are normally black, black, black with more black so I wanted something that can suit my style to avoid my nails looking all crazy incase of mismatch.

Black stars with some chains and blings give me a little rocker chic feeling.

Just a little bit though.



Now I can't stop looking and admiring my nails all the time. lol

Like all the time! I can't help staring especially when it's under the sun, under the table lamp, under the mall light, OMG SO BLING MAD LOVE!

But thinking when my nails grow and when the time come where I have to go soak off, am sad already now. SOB!

I want my bling long nails to stay forever!!

Sigh. Too good to be true.

Also sad that Francine resides in Singapore!!

Means I can only get her service like MAX twice a year?! *crai!!*

But what to do. Sob.

So if you guys who reside in Singapore is interested, must buzz her!!

Mention my name when making appointment? Hehee.

Just maybe you guys can get special offer. *wink*

Anyway, here are Franc Glamour details.

You guys can go to the blog or Facebook page to view more of her works.

Or fast fast make appointment if interested, her slot always full one. lol

If anyone of you tried, must let me know!

I wanna kepoh also. ^^

Btw, photos courtesy of Fanc Glamour.


Hilda Milda™ said...

If I were you, I'll just sit at home and do nothing or else my heart will break if any one of the blings drop. Anyways, it really niceeeee :D

alLets'Lexy said...

hahaha!! but i can't afford not do anything eh! but somehow the glue are very strong, no blings been dropped so far. XD

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