Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lim Jeong Hee - Would Never Be Real (ft. Jo Kwon)

I got to know about this song not because of J-Lim because I don't know who she is until now.

Not in the mood of googling and Youtube-ing for the mean time.

Got to know about this because Jo Kwon of 2AM is featured in the MV.

Realised this is such a great song and Kwonnie is so awesome in it, too.

Just loving this a lot now.

Though I just got to know it's been released less than an hour ago.

Not in the mood of writing too much, to read more about the song and MV, hop over to Kpop Feverish.

Kpop Feverish has written a blog post regarding how awesome the song and MV is.

I am not sure of the original source for the screenshots, but I got mine from Kpop Feverish, too.

Hopefully the author wouldn't mind me using photos from the blog since the author is supposedly to be my best friend. lol

Last note, I am seriously loving Kwonnie in the MV very very much.

He amazes me every single time in different situations.

Kwonnie jjang!

No matter he's the Kkap Kwon, Kid Groom Kwon, Diva Kwon, Leader Kwon, Six-Pack Kwon or whatsoever else nicknames for him, he's always jjang!

Even now Kwonnie as actor is plain awesome.

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