Friday, September 24, 2010

Playful Kiss

If you haven't know, I am on Kpop craze lately.

Just very recent I got infected with the disease after countering it for months mainly due to Bell, the absolute Kpop craze suddenly this year.

And that also made me on Korean Drama marathon!

On thing lead to another, I am now watching Playful Kiss (PK).


I actually sort of regretting watching it so early because until now, it has only been released till episode 8.

If it's really only 16 episode to finale, then there's still 8 episodes more to go which takes about a month to fully released


But cannot.

FML MAX now.


I didn't intend to watch this when I get to know of the remake but then I watched a few episode of Boys Over Flowers and totally attracted by Kim Hyun Joong.

Now that he's in PK as Seung Jo, he looks so much better compare to him acting as Ji Hoo.

I don't bother to return to watching Boys Over Flowers now even I ran out of drama to watch.

It's like I only need PK drug.

PK is a drug!!




Also the fact that I used to like the Taiwan version, It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) after watching the Korean version, Taiwan version can go hide already!

Seriously Korean version is so much better.

Ignoring the fact that Kim Hyun Joong looks so good in it, PK still beats Taiwan version hands down.

IMO, the main characters in PK is so much more natural compare to ISWAK characters.

Those in ISWAK was so exaggerated.

Though it was for the comedy effect but it was definitely too much.

While PK has it funny yet more natural and convincing.

Totally in love with PK in terms of characters acting, too.

Though I wouldn't say Jung So Min acting as Oh Ha Ni is pretty but after watching all the episodes, my liking towards her grew.

She is sort of cute in a way in the drama itself.

Plus I really like how she express her character in the drama compare to the main character in the Taiwan version.

Though I like the main character in ISWAK but So Min wins.



Also the fact that all props in PK looks so good.

Everything from clothes to home deco and etc.

Of course in the end, what looks good most in PK is definitely Hyun Joong!

As Seung Jo, his smile is so charming!

Killer smile that can melt others.

Anyway, there's a little bit different of the storyline compare to ISWAK.

Just a little bit but I am loving PK's storyline more definitely!

Here's PK Teasers!

I am watching PK in Viikii now.

PK subbers team in Viikii is best!

Totally jjang!

They got the episode up so fast with subs!

While now I gotta wait for a week for the next epsiode.

FML I itchy wanna finish watching it.

FYI, they are still shooting PK episode 9 actually.

Triple FML.

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