Saturday, September 11, 2010

Strawberry Moment

The other day Francine came back from Singapore for a short visit.

We managed to cramp quite a few outings in the short four days.

I met up with her as much as three days of her four day trips.

The first night we managed to meet up with Bell and Emiko for dinner.

But we ended up super late due to the nail session we were having at her house before that.

Reached de Garden and realised that two bummer did not wait for us and already done eating in Strawberry Moment.

There's a lot of new shops being opened in de Garden already now, though yet to be full.

Strawberry Moment is one of the new shop, everything in it is about strawberry.

All sort of drinks, desserts and even food are made of strawberry.

Kinda hardcore if you ask me.

Heard that it's a branch of the outlet from Cameron Highland.


Food not bad but I love the drink!

Had the fresh strawberry juice and it's so yummy.

The wedges there is very good, too.

Though pasta is not that nice.

While waiting for the food to come, the usual activity = camwhore.

Francine got her new camera and we were utilizing it to the max!



Love her camera max!

Damn I want a semi-pro, too!!

Anyway, the night ended in a very odd way.

As we were trying to look for parking to go clubbing, we ended up rounding and rounding outside the club for one and a half hour and yet we couldn't find parking.

Even there's table in the club we managed to get calling last minute but we couldn't get a parking which is ain't too far to walk.

So we were in the car for an hour and a half just like that and then we went separate way home wtf.

What a night.

Next post coming up will be about the super chio bling nails by Francine!

Stay tune!


simonso said...

omg look at bell!

alLets'Lexy said...

hahahaa!! what about bell? ^^

Isabellmiao said...

what about me? O.o

T.Y said...

Looks Yummy!! XD

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