Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GaIn - Irreversible

GaIn solo has been officially released a few days ago.

Took me long enough to finally listen to it and watch the MV.

I didn't even watch the teaser before hand.

Just pop out in my mind suddenly today to actually go search for it in Youtube.

As usual, there's two teaser MVs.

Which I just watched not long ago before watching the fully released MV.

Though I have seen the concept photo of GaIn before hand, the photo really didn't look like her.

So didn't really know what to expect from the solo.

Now that I have finally seen it, actually I watched like at least three times before started writing this.

I am totally surprised and amazed at the same time!

Never did I imagine GaIn having this type of image, never did I imagine her singing a song with such story inside.

Guess I was expecting something like a very cool image and not something so sentimental.

But yeah, she did it.

It is totally good and her singing is so amazing.

A side of GaIn I have never seen especially most the time I was watching her in WGM with Kwonnie, how was I to expect her new solo is such a emotional one.

Gonna love the song already.

Though normally I don't listen to this type of song much, I am wondering if I am being bias because GaIn sang it. lol

Anyway, if you wanna watch the MV with English subs, here is one.

There is also a dance version of the MV here.


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