Wednesday, October 6, 2010

polaroid ♥

I has got new toy!


Ta-Da! My new baby.

Baby polaroid cam which I got my hand on last Sunday.

Been wanting a polaroid cam since forever but thinking of the price of the film makes me canceling my thought every single time.

Until lately, while I was watching Korean reality show, We Got Married, Korean dramas and whatever in those Korean related stuff, everyone has got a polaroid cam!

When I say everyone, it literally means everyone!

All those peeps has got polaroid cams same as the one above.

So with the sudden stimulation, I die die wanna buy one no matter what so I went on LYN forums to search for it and found one cheapest among all seller, RM290 for white version.

Then I am a happy kid.


My first polaroid shot!

Do kindly ignore all the dust on my MBP screen. *paiseh*

But... still there's one thing that makes me feel reluctant everything I wanna click on the shutter.

The price of the film.

RM2.50 per shot wtf!!

So pain every time I click on the shutter, which is not even a lot.

I just had two shot so far, so sayang. lol


Anyway, been quite a while since I update my blog properly.

Few post previously are mad simply.

Plus I have only been updating like once a week not included pretty tasty.

Surprisingly there's still a tiny bit of traffic left in here.


By the way, am currently back in KL again.

Precisely Subang since I haven't step foot in KL so far since the day I reached.

Forums has got so much thing to do to the extend it's eating up majority of my time.

Am not happy but I am reaching the transition point of my life soon again.

So frustrating, so many things to think of, to decide, to worry and most importantly TO DO.

Plus my FYP is... gone. Almost.

Almost because I am left with less than two months to do everything and I haven't been exactly starting on it since the beginning of the sem in mid August.

I know, that's super horrible.

Even I don't know what to feel but god I have to start asap and do asap and get it done asap.

I wanna do so many things but... it's like there's so many obstacle.

I was so happy when I manage to get a kickstart of what I wanted to do so much and then... it just got worse.

It is so bad that I don't know how to deal with it now.

Am practically stuck and I feel so bad, so being taken advantage of but I am so not a person to do confrontation or to approach people whom I am not close to, to settle the problem.

All I can do now is to pray for it to get better though I have already lose partially now but if it get better then at least I don't have to lose everything in that matter.

In another point, I am expecting the worst already.

So lost.

This post is so random.

It was supposed to be a happy post because I finally got my polaroid cam but ended up a little bit depressing in the end.

Guess this is life.

With ups and downs.

Now, hopefully am gonna blog more again soon.


melmonica said...

Is polaroid really fun? I thought DSLR is the IN thing now lolz! Cheerios~

alLets'Lexy said...

yes it is!! XD

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