Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dad's 61st Bday

You know the Chinese tradition of celebrating the 61st birthday, I don't blame you if you don't know only if you are not a Chinese.

Anyway, I am not very sure of the tradition whether of celebrating it on the 60th or the 61st birthday of the lunar age.

IMO, I think its supposed to be 60th birthday according to the lunar age since it's a Chinese tradition after all.

My Dad is 61 years old (lunar age) this year but we did a quite a big celebration for him inviting all close families and some close friends.
Doesn't matter whether its really 60th or 61st alright.

These are part of the Chinese tradition where red eggs are readied for the birthday.
Normally it would have been just plates and plates of red eggs but mom have this idea of making it pretty with a cute pocket.

We made a hundred eggs.
Supposed to be a hundred but guess one or two broke during the process of dying it red so we ended up with only 99.

Still a basket full of lovely packaged eggie.
Guess normally if you make a hundred eggs for 8 tables, it would have been a lot of leftover where you wouldn't know what to do with them.

But all thanks to the cutesy packaging, it was all long gone way before the dinner ended.

Other than pretty eggs we have, I bought this awesome cake for my Dad.

Doesn't it look huge?
It is huge.

It weighed approximately 4kg.
I guess it was 4kg without all the icings.

Peach is another Chinese tradition for birthday.
It represents longevity if I ain't mistaken.

That huge ass cake cost me quite a lot but considering it being awesome, I guess it's quite worth it.
Though I might prefer it better if its made of cheesecake though I doubt it could happen.

All the pretty ladies taking the chances to have a pictures together before all the guests arrived.

Other than the camwhore photo because I was the photographer of the night hence, I just know nobody is gonna take photo of me though I did doll up. *sad*

And it was true!! Really!
Okay, maybe got a few but... not nice one.

More photos being taken while waiting for all the guests to arrive, during the dinner itself where my Dad and my Mom as the hosts are mingling around while me trying to follow behind trying to get some shots.

Phew... that's a long sentence.
Anyway, you get what I mean.

Well, you might wanna know who's the pretty ladies are up there.
Let me introduce.

The one who took a shot with me in brown dress is my sister.
Do not doubt that because our mouths and chins are the same and our foreheads are supposed to be the same, too but my sister's one is covered with bangs though. lol

Then the two pretty ladies below the photo of my sister and me are my cousins.
No need further intro since both also taken. lol

After that, it was time for my Dad's children to give him wishes.
Again, it's Chinese tradition to wish elders of good wishes during their birthday and serve them tea.

But my Dad took red wine.
I wonder if it would clash with the tradition and wishes might not came true. lol

Hopefully not and in case you are wondering why the kisses photos above, all wishes are accompanied by kisses from us, children.
I only managed to take kisses shot of my sister while my Mom got me, I missed my brothers' one.

While my Mom's kisses is... bonus, I guess.

Later, my Mom made all the kids present there to sing birthday songs for my Dad.
They were like a... mini choir. Very incoherent mini choir though. lol

If you wonder why they were all willing to do it, because everyone will get a goodie gift bag after singing.
It's like bribe, seriously.

But I made those bags, they were full of awesomely goods.
Only applies to kids though. lol

After all the cake cutting, it's family photos time.
Well, there's not even a shot where everyone looks decent and looking into the camera even there's actually more than 3 shots were taken.

Don't ask me why, I don't know why either.
And all I did was smile, smile, smile and smile more for all the shots.

Guess that night was a very good one since it sort of went pass very fast.

Soon it ended and most relatives left and only left some of us, those relatives from Mom's side were still enjoying themselves, chatting and drinking.

Guess by then my Dad was already tipsy.
Explains the two photos above, I supposed.

My Dad rarely drink and he gets tipsy quite easily if I ain't mistaken.
Or else, I guess he's just plain happy on that night. *grin*

IMO, it's an awesome night though it could have been better but it was still awesome.

Just 10 years later, we gonna have another birthday bash for my Dad to celebrate another big birthday.

While before the 10 years come, I'm already planning another birthday coming next month.

It's Grandma's birthday of the age of 83 years old!
Which I suspect should be more, maybe about 86? Because the age in my Grandma's IC ain't correct, and it's a few years late.

Anyhow, it's still a reason to celebrate since it has been a long way since Grandma has gone through to reach her age now.

Guess that's all for now.

Adios and hopefully I will be back soon.

p/s: There's more photos from the night here. I just couldn't put all almost 50 photos here in one blog post.

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melmonica said...

Happy birthday uncle! He really have a great birthday. May you live long & prosperous. Cheerios =)

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