Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Lately I have nothing much to blog about.
Considering there's nothing interesting about my life now.

Though there has been a lot of random photos here and there because I converted.
From a BB user to an iPhone user now.

Nothing to boast about since everyone on the streets that you see is holding an iPhone 4.
But it's not easy for me since I am paying for it myself plus if I don't do enough of my work, I might not be paid.

Stress! Imagine not being paid!

While I am now on the verge of not being paid this month considering it's almost the end of the month and I still have a lot of work pending.

Add together with my assignments.
If I want to graduate, I have to finish everything before second week of December I supposed.

I don't know anymore because it's been a while since I have been to college.

So if I were to manage to get all my work done, get paid and at the same time managed to settle all my assignments in order to graduate, I WILL OFFICIALLY BE A SUPERWOMAN.

But still, I am still trying to be this superwoman.
Yes, you can come and tell it to my face that I am dreaming. T___T

I actually have a lot of random stuff to talk about.
Though I did mention that I have nothing much to blog about.

I bought iPhone 4, installment with my own mini pay which hopefully will continue to come every month.

My MacBook Pro went into comma one night and has been sent into hospital and currently waiting for further details regarding its condition.

I am officially addicted to, an awesome photo app that allows you to share your photos.

My Dell display color is so totally not right, more to warm, I need my Mac back.

I am already preparing to move to KL (you know it's not exactly KL since I rarely go to the city itself, but you know what I mean) next year, to further my study. Hence, I NEED TO GRADUATE!

My finals progress is not good. I started too late.

I am going crazy with everything happening or going to happen, I don't know.

My brain is officially screwed due to over boredom staying home almost every single day in Ipoh.

Whatever, I am rambling already.

I might as well go do my assignments or do work.


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