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Review: Cosmetics & Tools

I guess I blog about all the most random thing.

Today I am going to write on cosmetics review.
Yes, you read it right, I am going to review some cosmetics I bought lately.

Have been inspired by all the beauty blogs I found with all the useful review and beautiful photos.
I admit I am no pro but also, I am not one who is too clueless to talk about this.
So I think why not?

But of course I don't have all the expensive products.

On a side note, is it all the beauty blogs I have seen have pink layouts.
I am sorry to disappoint you but really, I doubt I will ever have pink blog layouts.



First of all is a foundation brush from Ecotools.

The sales person claimed that the brush is handmade and it is eco-friendly.
Actually, I have been looking for a foundation brush in a few places but I couldn't find much choices and I found this at SHINS.

It cost about RM35 and considering the price it is an average price, not too expensive.
If I ain't mistake, I also found some foundation brush in Sasa but that cost more than double the price compare to this one I bought.

Since I look for this in Ipoh, I wasn't expecting to have much choices.
A little bit difficult when it comes to buying cosmetics and tools when you are in Ipoh.

Talking about how well the brush works, I couldn't compare it with any other brands because this is my first foundation brush.
But in my opinion, it is not bad and spread the foundation quite well.

Personally there's a little problem using a brush for applying foundation because it leaves stroke mark.
After applying the foundation using the brush, I need to use make up sponge to even out the stroke mark caused by the brush.

Though it's definitely better compare to before where I use only make up sponge to apply foundation.
The make up sponge seems to have absorb most the foundation, quite wasteful if you ask me.

So all in all, this foundation brush has got pros and cons.
I wouldn't mind trying different brand in the future, with the condition I have money to buy more brushes.


Next is concealer.

Basically this is my second concealer, the first I have got was from the Body Shop.
In the form of a stick, the Body Shop concealer was quite dry and a little hard to push when apply on skin but the coverage were quite good.

Since my first concealer was going to finish and also due to the dryness problem, I was looking for a new concealer.

Again, I couldn't find much choices for liquid concealer!!
Damn Ipoh! Seriously.

Found this from Maybelline, Angelfit concealer.
There was two tones available and I bought the lighter one, namely Light Beige.

I mean since concealer is supposed to be a tone or two lighter than your skin color, I supposed getting the lighter one would be safer since there wasn't any tester available.

This concealer cost me RM19.90 and I guess there's a price to pay for not wanting to pay too much for a concealer.

How well it works?
For me, when I tried it... the texture was fine but it doesn't really do well in coverage.
Or maybe the tint isn't suitable for my skin color.

It's already the lightest color available and I think it brings a little grey tint to it because it doesn't cover my dark eye circle well.
It leaves a little greyish shadow after applying it on my dark eye circle.

Looks sort of weird.
I guess it just isn't meant for me.


I think I should have review about the foundation before the concealer.
But I guess it's alright, I might as well move on.

Foundation, second foundation also.
First was again, from the Body Shop used less than 10 times but I was already looking for a second one.

The one from the Body Shop is a little dry or thick perhaps.
I was looking for one which is easier for me to apply.

While I got this Stay Matte foundation by Rimmel, I like Rimmel Brightening Powder which make me try on the foundation.
Plus its stated matte and I am looking for a matte foundation.

RM32.21 after discount if I am not mistaken.

Tried using it with the foundation brush mentioned above, the texture is definitely runny and smooth.
And it truly lives up to its name, my face looks matte after applying it and no shine.

I sort of like it already especially how it goes well pairing with Rimmel Brightening Powder which I have been using for quite a while.
I got the second lightest color, Soft Beige afraid that the lightest color might look too bright on my skin.

Moving on to mascara, the one next to Rimmer Stay Matte foundation in the picture is Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on by Majolica Majorca.

Majolica Majorca is a subbrand of Shiseido.
The price range isn't too low either.

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on is already the third mascara I have tried from Majolica Marjoca.
I wouldn't say its the best mascara I have ever used but it works well with volumizing the lashes, not so much in lengthening.

It has two side of brushes, almost comb-like not the usual mascara wand.
One side for applying the mascara to the lashes and the other side for combing the lashes out so not to stick together in a clump.

I am sorry I didn't get a picture of how the wand looks like, hope the description helps.

Wouldn't say I love it, but it was okay.
It cost RM44.91


Another mascara and this... has no need for trying because I have used countless tube of this mascara until now.
When I say countless, I really mean countless and this is almost the best mascara.
For me.

Volum' Express waterproof mascara is like the best mascara ever for me.
It really lives up to its name and it give really good volume to the lashes and it doesn't clump!

No matter how many layers you apply, it hardly clumps.

Really, up to date, I have about 6 used almost empty tube hiding in my drawer and I have thrown away countless empty and dried tube of these mascara.

I am obsessed with mascara since at least five years ago and I have tried quite a lot of different brands but ever since I found this mascara, I never stop using it.

Also the fact that the price is so cheap especially after discount!
I bought this for only RM19.90, original price at RM29.90

If you are looking for volumizing mascara, this is definitely a must-try!


Coming to eyeshadow, my second eyeshadow from Majolica Majorca.
This is the Jeweling Eyes series and this cost RM53.91

My previous series work well from the Majolook series works well.
Love the color and love the pigmentation.

Though this series hasn't been as satisfying as the previous one, I am waiting for more chances to try out its potential.
I wouldn't give up on Majolica Majorca eyeshadow as it has been proven that it is good previously in my collection.

I have only used it once so far and it wasn't as pigmented as I expect it to be nor its as shiny as it seems to be.
I couldn't say much about this but I got to try more on it.

Gonna bring out its full potential more.


Last cosmetic product for today is the new Eyes Reset Gel by Majolica Marjoca as well.

Due to my obsession of dramatic, long and volumize eyelashes without the help on fake eyelashes, I always have problem removing my mascara.
It took forever and sometimes its just so difficult.

Hence when I saw this product, I practically bought it without second thought.
It claimed to remove any mascara easily and with that is enough to tempt me into buying it.

It cost me RM26.91 but...
I am disappointed.

It didn't exactly do what it claimed.
It doesn't remove the mascara, at least not easily.

I paid solely RM26.91 just for something to remove only the mascara, but it didn't work.
It's not even to remove eye make up but just mascara.

Nop, total disappointment and practically RM26.91 down the drain.

That's all for today!

And in case you are wondering why the sudden of so many cosmetics review, it's because... I bought all the above in one day!
In less than an hour and all everything cost me about RM230.

It's a huge blow to my purse and they are not even high-end cosmetics, just pharmacy range.
Cosmetics in Malaysia is so expensive.

And I thought that there wouldn't be any cosmetic review by me any time soon, I was wrong.
Yes, I underestimated myself and just a few hours ago... I just spent another RM250 on cosmetics alone.

Yes, you may kill me now.
Thank you.

Still, hope that you girls like these reviews and hope that it helps.

If it's good, am gonna write on today's purchase soon!

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