Sunday, December 12, 2010

Set Up

I'm back!
Continuing on previous post topic. (Not pretty tasty)

Surprise that I am actually blogging quite a bit lately? Hehee.
Don't be too used to it becaue I might just disappear right away.

O'wait, now it feels more like I am talking to my ownself.
Since... I don't have that much of loyal readers. *frown*

Anyway, let's not dwell with that.

This time I wanna share behind-the-scene photo of what I was previously shooting.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!



Orange with bubbles.

When I took the pictures, actually the orange appear to be yellow-ish green but after a few tweak here and there, finally it looks like a piece of orange.

I guess there's some problem with the white balance of my DSLR.
I am a white balance idiot.

Nothing special about the setting since... that's the best setting I could think of to take the shots since the last time I had the same setting with shooting lime with bubbles.

Maybe a better container than a wine glass could help, but I don't have anything else better than that to use at home.

Next was rose!

Rose with bubbles.


For this one, I had a little bit problem when thinking of how the setting should be.

Of course this is definitely not the perfect one but at least it was acceptable.
I would love to know if you guys have any better idea to take shots of rose with bubbles.

I has the rose, again, in the wine glass and have something on top preventing the rose from floating.

Yes!! That's the problem, the rose floats!!
How am I supposed to make it stays in the soda and not float?

Seriously, I would be very ecstatic if someone could help me solve that problem.

While next and also last is... lavender with bubbles.

Faux lavender.
Because Malaysia doesn't have any florist selling the real one.

Or maybe I could have find some high-end florist and ask them to book them over from other countries but that's gonna cost like crazy.

So no choice but... faux one.


Since it's fake and I couldn't get a macro shot of it, I have to do normal shot.

Macro shot would look ugly, I did try though.
Indeed, very fake. Like plastic with bubbles.

But from a certain distance, it looks okay though.

The colour though, it's making me go crazy!
It's totally impossible to get the real purple color that I see in real life into the photo.

Seriously, it's practically IMPOSSIBLE!
If anyone can do it, I will pay that person to learn how! Seriously.

Purple is totally a bitch in photography.

I forgot to take a photo of the setting for the lavender shoot.
I took one with my iPhone though, if you could even understand the photo.

It's quite a crazy setting.
But the photo doesn't exactly show how crazy it is.

You see the mahjong paper?
Underneath its the glass holding the lavender with soda above the lightbox's glass part.

Yep, I open up my light box and using the glass part as a table.
Kinda scary, I was afraid it would give in to the weight of the glass container.

But it didn't, thank god.
Well support.

Seriously, I use my lightbox a lot for photography rather than its real purpose for tracing.
I don't even remember if I ever used it before for tracing.

At least I still used it and not wasting it after I paid someone to especially made it.

Anyway, that's all for now!

It's my Granny's birthday dinner tonight.


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