Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starbucks 2011

I finally has got time to make it to Starbucks!


Sort of like errand day, I normally don't just come out, am too lazy for that.
Run here and there for a bit.

I planned to actually head to Jusco this morning but when I arrive at the junction near the mall, it was horribly jammed!

Didn't take me long to figure out it's J'card member day.
J'card members are insane, or they just lost their sanity when they know the news of J'card member days.

I thought I could have at least find a parking if I try going around but I was so wrong.
I got in from an entrance and... I couldn't even make it into the indoor parking before I gave up and got right back out at the other nearest exit.

The whole thing of getting in and getting our of the area took me almost an hour.
Seriously! A fcuking hour!

It was totally insane.

Wasted an hour, ran to the opposite side of Ipoh running errand for a friend and hop back over to the mall here.

Shopped for a little bit and it cost me a bomb.
Just a little and it's already a blow to my purse.

Anyway, on a happy note, guess what's this?




Starbucks 2011 planner!!

Finally got my hand on it after so long.

First I don't have enough stamps, then there isn't any stock, after that stock came in and I wasn't free to come get it.

After one week, am here!

There's these vouchers that came along with the planner.

Only three and not exactly straight forward vouchers.
You gotta buy something and get something complimentary and etc.


Also, 2011 planner format is not as good as previous year one (2010).

It prefer the previous year one and I am now wondering if I should buy a planner that has the previous year format or use this one.

But anyway, the design is pretty good as well as the theme.


"Have you found your third place?"

That is totally good because very obviously, Starbucks is my third place.


Also, in between every months, there's a few pages layout regarding Starbucks, featuring some outlets in Malaysia, words etc and etc.

They have featured my favourite outlet, the Starbucks in Jaya One, PJ!


It's my favourite due to it's decoration.

Jaya One Starbucks has got the best decoration among all the Starbucks I have seen and been to.

The Uptown Damansara outlet could have a chance to be best in decoration as well but I have never been there, only passing by all the time.

So Jaya One outlet is still my favourite now.


That's all for now!

Have you grab your Starbucks 2011 planner yet?

You can still collect the stamps because its only due on 12th Jaunuary 2011.

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Mr.D said...

I just bought This awesome planner yesterday. Love it so much...lolz...

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