Monday, December 6, 2010


For once, I am being a normal human being and woke up in the morning. =)




It seems to be a really long long time since I last took up my DSLR and take some photos.

I feel so bad for neglecting my photography!
And I sure feel like a noob in photography now. T___T

Anyway, see the starbust in the photos above?
It's the sun!

And by setting the aperture too the smallest, you get starbust like that.
I like!

Though I have heard pointing your DSLR like that directly at the sun will spoil the lens. =(
I only did this like once now, hopefully it wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Also mad love those lens flare in the photo.
Though not apparent enough in my opinion.

Anyway, I am still so lifeless and I so so so wanna go to those malls in KL for all the Christmas deco!

I so want Christmas deco!
But Ipoh malls Christmas deco sucks. Boohoo. =(

And my slow progress in my finals still is so not helping!
My final assessment was postponed, hence explained the slacking.

Slacking still though less than a month time wtf.
Beat me up, someone please beat me up and let me do work!

At least I am blogging? LOL
I am sure blogging doesn't count as doing work.

Plus my blog is full with pretty tasty post.
So not good, I know.

That's why the random update.
Hopefully after blogging, the assignment mojo will come back.

In desperate need of design mojo!

Come to Mama please!

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