Thursday, December 9, 2010

there's only so much bubbles Soda can give.

I am finally doing something for my photography after so long.
Yep, have been neglecting my beloved photography for a super long while already now.

And still... this is for my finals and it's an old idea. =(
So, nothing to fuss about until I managed to get some awesome shot of different subjects.

A year ago, or a year plus ago, I took similar shots for my photography assignment and this time I decided to use the idea as a advertisement shot.

Hopefully it's going to turn out well but that has to depend on the two other subjects I am going to shoot.

In case you are wondering which citrus fruit is it that I used, it's an orange.
Previously I have tried using lime and it was a better result compare to this but I need to use orange for this because the ads has got related to orange flavor.

But... I doubt you can tell whether it's an orange or not, no?
It just looks citrus to me.
Or maybe it looks like lime due to the post-process in

Could have use my previous work and edit the color in Photoshop maybe?
Maybe then the lime would have become an orange. lol
Since even now the orange has turn to be a lime due to over-processing.

By the way, these photos are taken by my iPhone and I am surprised that iPhone could have get such close up shot.

It's almost macro!

Only almost. Because as you can see from the first photo, it has quite a lot of noise due to zooming and without zooming, I couldn't go too near either.

But still, those bubbles are consider sharp and clear.
And it's still awesome for a phone camera, no?

Seriously, if say I have been neglecting my DSLR before I got my iPhone, now I would say DSLR has been totally forgotten after I got my iPhone.

There's just so many photography apps for iPhone and a lot are just plain awesome.

For instance, is one app that I am totally hooked.
It has camera effect features and also photo sharing features, so it's totally awesome for photographer or people who likes photography like me.

(You realised how many times I have used the word 'awesome' talking about the iPhone? =.=)

Other than that I found some cute Korean photography apps and whatever else not and definitely love! Mad love!!

It's so convenient to just play with all the photography apps and produce something good enough to go.

I used to want a lomo camera but now?

I got my iPhone!
Why need lomo camera anymore?

Yeah, basically that's how I feel.

And I guess you can understand why I have been neglecting my DSLR totally.

Enough of iPhone awesome-ness which I supposed most people have already know or others just being in denial that it really is awesome.

That's all for the awesome-ness now.

Hopefully I will get to post some photos soon or else... just bear with me with the boring blog. For now.

For how long, I don't know because blogging mojo is not coming back!

Or I am just plain life-less now.

Oh! This is the after effect of the shoot earlier.

After effect = orange juice.

Wouldn't wanna waste those Vitamin C. ^^

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