Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 03 - Your view on drugs and alcohol.

Day 03 of the 30 Day Challenge.
Here goes.

I wouldn't know why these two different items are being put together, drugs and alcohol.
Maybe it's the human's perception of these two that brings them into the topic together.

About drugs, it's kind of obvious, no?
It's bad, it's harmful and we shouldn't even get near it not to mention consume it.

It's a general knowledge of drugs that we already know.
But what is my view?

I wouldn't deny I am curious.
It's like cigarette.

Curious of what effects does it give and why is people getting addicted.
But nah, I doubt I would even touch it though.

I would say it's not worth it to try though the curiosity.
Unless it's legal? lol

While about alcohol, I would say it's okay if it's ain't an alcoholic.

For myself, I sort of like having alcoholic drinks.
But I only started to drink when I was legal to drink.

Stolen sips from parents's and elder's glasses doesn't count.

I was a fan of mojito before this and I tried to get mojito when I go out drinking which is very rare.
Until I found my new love, Hoegaarden.


So now, I try to get Hoegaarden instead.
But both Hoegaarden and mojito is very rare in Ipoh, hence explained why I haven't touch any alcohol for months now.

I guess there's nothing much of my view on alcohol.

I love it but I ain't an alcoholic and I don't agree with alcoholic.
But I love going drinking with my friends of which the company matters more than the alcohol.

Still, I only drink when the situation is appropriate, when the company is right.
I normally don't drink in front of elders especially my parents.

There's nothing to hide. I just don't feel comfortable to do so.
Plus I have my limit, I still never get drunk before.

That's all about it and I do not mind if you wanna bring me out for a round of happy hour.

Signing off with a photo of Erdinger, one and only.
It's not that good anyway, Hoegaarden is better still.

p/s: I realised I have super limited photo of alcoholic drinks. I searched high and low in my few years of photo collection and only found these three photos. lol


simonso said...

didnt we have hoegaarden during CNY?

alLets'Lexy said...

seriously!! that's like the only place in ipoh that has hoegaarden tap!! or... there's other place i dunno. T____T

Bay said...

Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

alLets'Lexy said...

thankyou bay! but i dont have google friend connect. or barely know what is it. hehe.

Bay said...

Not a problem, just wish to have you follow on my blog, hope to have a blogger like you to connect with my blog! I believe we can make quite a blogger community though! :)

simonso said...

CNY we gooooooooooo!

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