Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

It's been so long since my last 30 Day Challenge post.

That's because of a few factors of which related to the internet, blogger's block, as well as busy moving.
Now I finally brave myself to continue with the challenge especially with this post of writing 30 interesting facts about myself.

It's so difficult for me, I don't know why considering I love to ramble on my blog.
Maybe because there's the words 'interesting facts', I am so afraid those I write of are so not interesting. *frown*

But what the heck, I shall just go with it and see how it's gonna turn out to be.

Let me begin with a photo of four me or four photos of me.


1. I have been blogging here at for 5 years, 3 months and 9 days since my first post with a total of 953 published posts.

2. I started my virtual life at quite a young age at about 12 years old of which I have my share of learning of the virtual world since I was 10 years old. (That means I have about 13 years of virtual presence until now? I went M.I.A for about 2 years though.)

3. I can't sit still for a very long time, at least not the same place. I could be doing the same thing at different place but not same thing, same place. I need to move, get around and not be still. Yet, I am not a very active person.

4. I have very short attention span. Unless it's something very interesting or else I will be off and going fast.

5. I have quite a good short term memory but I have very bad long term memory. Basically I can remember something complicated for a short time span if I wanted to, but I can't remember anything very back dated.

6. I can't seems to be alone at times, yet I can be anti-social much. I love going out with friends yet at times I just want to hide myself at home without any interaction with real humans.

7. I love pretty things; hence my love for photography, design, home decorations, packaging, nail arts, make up, art and crafts, etc.

8. I believe all things can be explained logically and scientifically which means I don't believe in paranormal, magic, etc.

9. I am a realistic and quite a materialistic person, not in a bad way in my opinion. Yet, I relish in fairytale-like romance and have no shame in admitting. Just maybe I don't believe it will happen to myself.

10. I have a mind that sometimes set the limit too high for my ownself yet keeps telling myself that I can do it. So far, it hasn't bring me too much harm. Not zero harm but not too much, guess it's something to learn from. Still, I believe it's quite a good thing that I have a mind of my own to start pushing myself to achieve something.

11. I am a too proud Gemini and hangs on the personality too much. Read Gemini, read me.

12. I love attention, in a good way. Yet I am afraid of too much attention. Or bad attention.

13. I have quite a low self-esteem that I keep fighting against.

14. I am afraid of height, deep water or basically anything in a theme park. I can't bear the feeling of my feet dangling above ground or on a surface that isn't ground. I can't swim either. But I am not afraid of getting on a plane though.

15. I always think that I am addicted to something but the addiction never stick around. Caffeine is one, I was addicted and poof, I wasn't. Also a lot of others stuff that I couldn't think of right now. (I always wonder if I'll get addicted if I started smoking since my addiction never stick around. Very curious on that though.)

16. I am a brand-conscious person. Not over the top but definitely one. Guess I just don't have the dough to be too brand-conscious.

17. I rather spend thousands on a gadget than to spend thousands on a bag. That's my thoughts on value.

18. I am definitely not a morning person, at least not everyday. Once in a while is fine but everyday I will be grumpy. I can sleep little, but I can't wake up early. I am a more of a vampire.

19. I used to collect a lot of different stuff since I was a kid. I used to collect stamps, stickers, erasers, story books, comics,  color pens, lollipop, glass bottles, original CD and DVD, candles, glass jars. Now I collect Starbucks merchandizes.

20. I have panic attack easily but I try to control myself. It works so far, guess it is not too bad but I do get panic easily.

21. I am not a fan of Chinese food nor hawker food. I can live without Chinese for months as long as I can have Western. I am more of a pasta, potato, salad, steak person. Japanese and Korean work well, too. Just not Chinese.

22. I love clubbing, I love drinking. Yet to contradict the statement, I barely club. Less than 20 times a year? I guess I went to the club less than 20 times my whole life.

23. I believe in respecting individuals. Respect others and others will respect you.

24. I am very supportive of homosexuals. No reason, don't ask. I just am and I believe they are no different from us and shouldn't be look at differently.

25. I am a person who look out for her friends and tend to worry about them a lot. Sometimes I think I worry about my friends too much, it's unnecessary. I can't help it I feel like their Mom sometimes.

26. I have to be in a relationship where we speak English to each other. Boyfriend and me, that's it. All my past relationship was that way and hopefully my future relationship will stay that way, too. I just can't stand speaking Cantonese in a relationship, I don't know why. It just feels so weird. Unless I learn a new language, I guess that would be fine.

27. I am a makeup person but not a skincare person. Other than makeup remover and cleanser, I almost don't use any skincare. Most the time, all my pharmacy range skincare was left to expired and then thrown away. (So waste, I know. Hence I start refraining myself from buying any now.)

28. I work better under pressure. Nuff said.

29. I sometimes think that establishing a new friendship is easier with the male gender than the female. Most my female friends are old friends from ages ago, it seems like I haven't had any new female friends these few years.

30. I have never celebrated Valentine's day with a partner before. I have spent my Vday with my bestie, Bell for about 5 to 6 years already now. (This is in conjunction of Valentine's day tomorrow.)


I am done!!
30 facts about myself!

Seriously I don't know how interesting these are, I tried my best!
I am just very happy I get this done hence I can move on with the challenge. *beam*

Let me know what do you think? Geez.
And Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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