Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Legendary Meatballs

I could have blog more.
Since I am not exactly very busy, at least not enough to keep me away from blogging.

But internet is still a bitch at home.
I don't think it's ever gonna get better and give me a proper internet speed but hell, I can't wait till I got Streamyx or whatever not.

I know, Streamyx can be bad but I am sure it couldn't be worse than DiGi broadband now.
It's practically loading one page at a time at a very slow speed and I can't load blogs.

Especially those with pictures; which blog doesn't have pictures?
That means no bloghopping for me, no blogging for me, nothing.

Facebook occasionally if it allows me to.
Which is not exactly a priority now as it's only a social network.

Anyway, if you are confused as why the broadband is bad of where I am right now, I gotta clarify that I have officially moved to Puchong.
I don't know why but... I can't get 3G coverage in my apartment and when it does, it's only one bar and the line breaks most the time.

I miss my internet back at home in Ipoh so muchhhhh.
It was so fast, I almost do not have to wait for pages to load, I can load ten pages at one go and still it loads at a fairly fast speed, stream drama, youtube, upload photos, bla bla bla...

Nuff of ranting I guess.
I should be grateful or thankful or whichever one it is that I am actually getting a decent internet speed right now that allows me to actually type this.

So back in almost two weeks ago, not nuff two weeks but almost, came down and met up with Emiko and Benny then we went to Ikea.

Ikea screams awesome furnituresssss!!
Ikea is my most loveeeeeee.

I love love love loveeeeeee Ikea furnitures since... god knows when.
Ages ago?

But my Mom always have reasons as of why it's not possible to get Ikea furniture when our home were in Ipoh.
I was too young to figure out the way at that time and so yeah, I waited and waited and finally now that I have a chance to own them.

Though I can only find to buy the cheapest among those thing.
Ikea price can be crazy at times but when it's cheap, it's insanely cheap as well.

First thing we did in Ikea?

Honestly, it's my official first time eating there.
First time getting the legendary meatballs.


Yes, I really did use the word 'legendary' because... everyone's talking about it.
Everyone seems to love it, everyone thinks its good.

So we had it, first time excited and expecting it to be so gooooooodddd.
But... our opinion after having a bite?

Definitely overrated.
Nuff said.

It's good but I think its overrated by all the people who keeps one raving about how good it is.
It's good but not enough to be raved about.

Plus I think the gravy is the star instead of the meatballs.
And the fries. lol

Though I would love to have it again just because of the delicious gravy and I love those fries.



We had a lot of food for three person that day.

Just because it was late, around 5 in the evening and it was Benny's first meal and we hadn't have lunch so we were all starving.
Guess that made us got carried away with buying too much food.

I had that salmon salad thingy of which I forgot the name of.
But... look at those pieces of salmonnnn.

Such a big piece of salmon and it was so gooodd.
I'm salivating as I type this, I want to have it again!



You can totally see the amount of food for three of us.
Is a lot.

Three of us had 24 meatballs.
Having 7 meatballs with fries plus the salmon dish is almost too much.

I almost explode after finishing all the food.
Only almost though.

And now I wish I can have all those food sit right in front of me now. lol

After that it was furniture shopping of which I am the one who bought most the stuff.
Spent about 1.2k to get 5 units of furniture of which are mostly the cheapest around but all in white.

Cheapest white table, cheapest white Billy book shelf, cheapest white Aneboda chest drawer and wardrobe but not so cheap white chair since I gotta be comfy in it but all in all, it's quite a snatch for so many items.

Now I have like the best room ever, almost beating the one in Ipoh.
Almost because Ipoh's home is spacious.

I love my home. Just love.
I don't mind staying home if internet is not a bitch right now.

Anyway, I'm kinda stuck in the 30 Day Challenge blog post because of the Day 06 title of 'Write 30 interesting facts about yourself'.
I can't think 30 interesting facts, I can't think of facts so I am stuck.

I am trying to get some time to work it around, trying to make an interesting post out of it.
I am trying! So wait for it ya.

Fow now, that's it.
Hope to be back just soon.


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