Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Car Got STABBED!!!

I guess I am starting to have this habit of only blogging once a week.
It's like a pattern because the last time I blogged was a week ago.

I hope I could blog more though, once a week is a little bit rare.

Anyway, I am back in Ipoh.
For Chinese New Year, I have been back for about 3 days already now.

I know it's a little bit early to come back so fast but my Mom's need my help in the market in the morning.
So hence, plus my bestie Francine came back from Singapore so I gotta see her, don't I?

So... came back and...
it feels like bad luck falls upon me once I got back.

I reached Ipoh on Thursday while on Friday I started running errand with my parents.
While buying cartons and cartons of drinks for CNY, something really bad happened to my baby car.

Baby car because my car is only barely 3 months old!

Basically what happened was due to that we parked at the side of the road near the junction turning into the parking of that supermarket.

Before you say anything about me being an irresponsible driving or whatever thingy it is, I am not a person who parks illegally all the time.

The supermarket of which is Econsave has no enough parking to begin with on a normal day because the land owner decided to rent out the supposedly parking space beside the building to some car dealer hence the even worse shortage of parking.

So on days so near to CNY, there are zero parking in the basement nor the building compounds hence there were already a lot of cars parked at the side of the road.

I am not justifying that I am right, I know it was wrong to park illegally but the point is... even if I am wrong to park illegally, I don't see anyone other than the authority has the right to justify it.

So I was convinced by my parents to park illegally.

What really happened was when we came out and putting in stuff into the car boot and trying to get into the car to drive off, a contena lorry was blocking our access to the right side of the car door hence I couldn't get in the car.

The contena lorry has no enough space to turn into the supermarket compound, it stopped for a moment and it started moving slowly again of which we expect the driver to actually drive further front to let us get into the car and drive off so he can use the space we have left to turn into where he wanted to.

But what we did not expect was it started moving and attempting to turn into the supermarket compound directly!

Mind you, there was barely 10 inches between my car and the contena lorry at that time and imagine a freaking hugeass lorry barely 10 inches away making a turn?!

Basically my parents and I just look at the driver make the turn and the whole behind of the contena lorry of which a triangle metal was suitable just dragged and stabbed into the side front of my car.
My car was practically pushed down and we were shouting for him to stop.

Seriously if you asked me, the driver could have seen the barely there space between his lorry and our car also I am sure he knows that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make that turn!

Yet, he chose to do it and what I can assume is he was attempting hit and run.
But I guess he underestimated his contena lorry because if we did not shout and stop him while he continue to make that turn, my whole car will be ended up inside the drain and totally smashed.

Imagine the horror.

I was totally pissed!
How can I not be pissed seriously?!

Plus I think he didn't know that us, the car owner were just standing right behind the car.
And he has the nerve to actually get down and yell at us that we were the wrong one.

I might be wrong to park illegally but that doesn't give him the right to try smashed my car up and got it down the drain asshole!

Total asshole, jackass, bastard, son of a bitch, whatever words that you can think of along the same line.

After that was not important, the usual of calling traffic, trying to get someone to come but ended up waiting for an hour yet they couldn't find us, so we went to the Police Station instead, made a report, got summoned due to illegal parking but at least we were able to claim the opposition's insurance for our car damage and etc, etc, long day for no reason due to some asshole like that.

Now you wanna see the damage?

I sakit hati giler gao gao I wanna die but it's also because it's CNY and it's gonna take forever to get my car fix!


Can't see, can you?

Basically the whole part above the wheel is damaged.
The whole part shifted and there's a fcuking huge hole and also I couldn't open my driver seat car door.

Closer look at the hole?


The car can still run, can drive but I have to climb through the passenger seat to the driver seat if I were to drive it.

Only that day of bringing the car to police station, dropping some stuff at my granny's house, buy food, etc, I have climb in and out countless time and I have enough bruises on my legs as it is now.

I don't think I am going to bring it out before it is fixed.
But if that's the case then we might have no enough car to use. Sigh.

Don't you think this is pure bad luck?
Like why the fcuk does this happened to me? Damn it.

Worse, the next day after this happened, I woke up and for no reason my WiFi router died.
For no apparent reason, no lighting, no short circuit, nothing.

It just died, no light, no respond, nothing.

That was so depressing!!!
And it feels like everyday something bad gonna happen to me.

Again, it has to happen during CNY of which it's gonna take me forever to get my blather to help me fix a new router up again.

And now I am suffering with DiGi broadband of which couldn't be compared to my Dad's 4mbps Streamyx. *frown*

But thank god, at least there isn't exactly any bad things happened to me today.
I even got my hair dye properly, looking decent again.

Now let's all pray hard for me everything's gonna be smoother than a smooth sailing right after this.

Then I can blog more.
Or maybe not.

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Ariff Suffian said...

I feel your pain just by looking at the photo :/

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