Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bukit Bintang Trip

This seems like a filler post but really, it's not.

This happened ages ago of which I don't even remember much of the details anymore.
It was in my draft for a very long time because I got these pictures edited long time.

Somewhere in January before I went back to Ipoh for CNY, Emiko and I went on a Bukit Bintang trip.
Pavilion, Starhill, Farenheit 88, Lot 10...

That was it I guess.

But first thing first, we had our super late brunch at Shook!, one of the restaurant in Starhill Gallery which has a tea time promotion of RM3.60 per dish.

The promotion has been going on forever and if I am not mistaken there are four different restaurant with the same promotion in Starhill Gallery for tea time.

I have wanted to try it out since long time so we went for it...



Looks like a very fine place for meal.

Bet the normal charges are rocket high.
But there's quite some table there for the tea time promotion though it's a week day.

Guess maybe there are just trying to attract customer to dine there?


Drinks are also RM3.60 each and most dishes are RM3.60 and some are RM4 plus while add on cost another RM3.60, etc.

Of course we were not expecting normal portion for such pricing.
Its like a tasting portion instead.

Definitely no complain for such low price.
Plus we can have more dishes to try one.


Caesar salad plus chicken breast meat cost RM3.60 plus RM3.60 which mean the dish above cost about RM7.20.

You can have plain caesar salad if you don't wanna add on the chicken meat though.
It would be too plain then.



Pizza and chicken karaage cost RM3.60 each as well.

Two slices of pizza for each of us and quite a few pieces of chicken karaage as well.
Happily dining by then...




More food like the sausage cost RM4.60 which came along a side dish of mashed potato.

While pasta, too, cost RM4.60 each.
With two drinks and six different dishes, the total bill only came up to about RM40 plus and both of us are full and happy.

Seriously, isn't RM40 plus to taste 6 different dishes along for two drinks for two person is damn well worth it?
We definitely wanted to go back for more plus there's still three other different restaurants there that have the same promotion.

After late brunch, we went shopping!

Bukit Bintang trip for a reason because I wanted to go Lot 10, Farenheit 88 and Pavilion.
I have never been to Lot 10 since it was renovated years ago, talk about being super outdated.

Farenheit 88 due to Uniqlo.
It was such a big deal so, I gotta go have a look, no?

Pavilion because... I long time didn't shop in Pavilion?
Not that I have much to buy but I love shopping in Pavilion even if it's just window shopping.

The whole day snatch I had was two tops and a sweater.



Got those two flowery tops from both Hypnosis and Zara.

The one with colorful flowers are from Zara of which cost quite cheap, bought it and then only I realised the cutting of it was a little bit weird.

The round neck was too huge and the under arm is being sewn weird.
Worn it once during CNY and that's it.

It was so hard to keep the top in place.
Now I am always reluctant to wear it out but it was so nice. Sob.


Lastly is the fleece sweater from Uniqlo!

It only cost RM50 each!
Damn worth snatch and most importantly, it's so pretty!

I got the purple one while Emiko got the white & black one.
I love purple sweater and I finally got one.

Plus it's super comfortable and soft.
Just like blanket.

Yeah, I know how people say Uniqlo is so overrated and expensive.
But I think if you are smart you can get good snatch?

I believe so since I got one good snatch when I have just been there once.
I wanna go there again for sure.

That's all for now.
Very random post out of nowhere, I know.

Internet is stil a bitch at home.
TM is not responding to our application and DiGi broadband is not getting better.

God please save me.


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