Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a little Kampar trip

On 5th day of Chinese New Year, after all the gatherings, dinners and whatever's not been done and over, Dad decided we should go for a little trip to Kampar in the morning.

A little trip means a very short trip, not even a day.
We reached there at around 7am and the sun was just starting to go up.

First stop, West Lake.

I never knew West Lake has a garden there.
It was so nice, so much better than some parks here in Ipoh, so well-kept.

Definitely better than Pologround and DR Park in Ipoh.
I wonder why those people who tend to the park aren't doing as good job as those from West Lake.

I brought my camera of course but I just didn't expect my Dad and Mom to be posing.
They were so cute though.

My mom used to love taking photos when she was young.
Love to be taken photos of to be exact.

Hence my Mom started to request for photos when we were there.
My Dad kinda go dragged in since he was awkward to take a photo alone.

So me, the daughter became the photographer of the day.

Don't they look like young teen dating in the park? lol

But I think I have a hard time trying to make them smile naturally.


I guess it's the photographer responsibility to make the subjects smile nicely.
I always have that problem and I always have to be a joker at the same time as the photographer.

Conclusion, I am bad at directing.

But I guess making my parents smile ain't too bad.
They still look happy in the photos, don't they? Geez.

So after a walk in the garden, some photos later, we were off.
Next stop would be breakfast.

Breakfast in Kampar is actually a little horrid.
The previous place we went to last CNY was terrible.

A place for dimsum but dimsum was very bad, service was bad, too.

Hence this time we just went to a chinese coffee shop near the Kampar wet market.
Dad met up with some of his Kampar friends there.

While I have got nothing much to do but try to take some photos.

Love my 50mm f1.8 lens.
But I really think I underused it.

That's all for my little Kampar trip.

For more photos during the little trip, proceed to my Facebook album here.

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