Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CNY 2011: ♥

Recap time.

For CNY 2011, for full album proceed here.

#1 My Ipoh home CNY decoration this year! Went back to Ipoh and saw this the first night already.

#2 Nom nom nom my favourite CNY 'cookies' of which is not a cookies to begin with. Fried crab stick am sure lots of people know and love.

#3 My BFF Bell when we having outing with Fran and Ann before CNY. Pre-CNY outing since we all will be busy during CNY. Bell complained that she gained a lot of weight and she doesn't wanna take selca with me anymore. My lifetime selca partner gone. Sob.

#4 First angpau of the year! Or... was it? I remember I got it during CNY eve though. And the angpau design is mad pretty. It's from a German bank though.

#5 CNY day 1 breakfast! You know how the tradition is. Went back to Granny house and have only vege breakfast with all the rest. My eldest uncle always cook the best vege dishes and my younger uncle always went to buy more fancy vege dish from outside that represent stuff like fried drum stick, bbq and roast pork. Mad awesome one.

#6 That's my CNY day 1 face. Kinda puffy if you ask me. Geez. Took forever to prepare and ended up arriving the latest at Granny's place.

#7 That's obviously game cards. CNY without game cards ain't CNY, no? We have game cards in Starbucks though. We had a mini NS gathering there and we bought lots of CNY stuff like ba gua, prawn crackers and game cards. Of course we got angpau from our newly wed John and her wife, PueYee, too.

#8 The ba gua in Starbucks of which we bought from John's aunt. John's aunt made the most delicious ba gua ever! It is a must have seriously! It beats famous brands like Loong Kee and Wo Lai Ye hands down.

#9 Day 3 we went to visit my late uncle. We have been having the visit for the past two or three years already now due to all presence during CNY. It located somewhere near Bukit Kinding of which I forgot the name of the place but it is super beautiful. No doubt, super expensive, too.

#10 Finally a photo of YeeShang! Another favourite and a must-have during CNY! And the restaurant that have the best YeeShang all these years and still never fail located just outside my house. Tuck Kee Restaurant YeeShang never fail! And I couldn't have enough every time.

#11 Day 5, my parents and I went on a short trip to Kampar. I think we did this for two years straight. It's nothing much, just go for breakfast, walk around at the Westlake in Kampar and get some photos of my cute parents. We went back to Ipoh before noon then.

#12 CNY stretches all the way until at least day 9 for me. Though I wouldn't mind if it's a full 15 days CNY but day 9 we have Emperor of Heaven prayer. Feast is unavoidable and also prayers at midnight.

After all that, my CNY has officially ended already.

I always love CNY, I love having to gather with everyone especially those that came back from overseas and other states like me now.

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