Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 10 - Discuss your first love and first kiss.

Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge.

Sort of a sensitive topic for today for most people, no?
First love and first kiss.

For me the definition of first love is very loose.
Does first love means my first relationship?
Or the person I first like?

If so I would wanna say my first love is Takizawa Hideaki when I watch the Japanese drama, Be Witched. lol

Does that count?
I know it does not, it's a super obsessive crazy celebrity crush though.

But nah...

So first love... the guy I first like? Or love?
Honestly, I don't remember.

I just don't remember who was the first maybe? lol.
Suddenly I sound so slutty.

But really, that's not the case.
The thing is I sort of have short term memory of which I forget details when time passed.

I don't even remember much of my ex other than his name, who he is and stuff. Geez.
Guess then it wouldn't have a lot to discuss of about my first love because I couldn't remember much either.

While my first kiss...

It was kind of forceful if I remember well.
I wasn't prepare, wasn't expecting it especially from the person of whom was a player.

I don't know if he still is a player or not but leopard never change its spot, no?
Just let's say I was young and I succumbed to that jerk.

Stupid, I know.
But what the heck, it's just a kiss.

But to be truth, I... don't remember much of the details either.
Where it happened, how it happened, when it happened, I don't remember.

Just so I didn't get the wrong person of whom I think had my first kiss.

On a side note, that's basically my first kiss with the guy but recently my first kiss with the girl has been taken.

Kinda forceful since the girl just grabbed me and kissed me.
And the funny thing is, she's a little girl who doesn't seems to have much dignity and doesn't have self respect.

Barely 18, I know very young but that doesn't mean she has to be cheap.
Of some incident she appears cheap and desperate, it's kind of a turn off to find out only after she kissed me.

I wish she learn to respect other people as well as have enough self respect for herself.
It's kind of painful to watch how she brings herself with no dignity.

Sincerely, I hope she grows up and at least not be cheap even if she ain't expensive.

I think am very off topic huh?
Guess that's all for this.

I have no more comment to make.

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