Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 12 - Bullet your whole day.

30 Day Challenge, I could have waited for a better interesting day to do this.
But it's been so long since I last updated.

So here goes today, 18th March in bullets.

  • Woken up by housemate that Maxis technician is finally here setting up our wired broadband.
  • Happily testing the broadband and so joyful to realize the super decent internet speed.
  • Decided to head out to get a WiFi router asap.
  • Prepare to go out.
  • Out to Digital Mall with housemate.
  • Had late lunch at the food court in the market beside Digital Mall.
  • Went off scouting for WiFi router as well as other geeky stuff; external hdd casing, iPhone car charger, iPhone screen protector, etc.
  • Encountered a lot of sales representative that practically have attitude problems, made me wonder if all working in Digital Mall are like that.
  • Finally got to the Mac shop, iShop to get my screen protector and car charger; both for only 100bucks and super awesome screen viewing I have now.
  • Continue hunting for router and casing but still same fcuked up attitude ppl, expensive router and ugly casing.
  • Finally got to a shop that have decent sales person and nice casing with cheap price.
  • Bought the external hdd casing for 38bucks and a WiFi router for 100bucks but with a sales person who is able to joke around.
  • Done but housemate looking for printing papers and a calculator. In Digital Mall.
  • Found a stationary shop opposite Digital Mall and bought all necessary.
  • Rushed home but got stuck in jam on Federal Highway, barely 5pm yet but still jam prolly due to the rain. Side note, why KL people are afraid of the rain and cause jam every single time it rains?
  • Departed with housemate as she was going to work once we reached home.
  • Backed home and trying hard to setup the new router and realized I have no enough informations from my ISP.
  • Called to Maxis customer service three times for informations but once the customer actually tell me to get Protocol from the router company instead of them (ISP), how obnoxious not to mention plain dumb.
  • Finally get the router fixed and running after some struggling here and there.
  • Cooked and had dinner at normal time for once, again.
  • Got hook on the internet ever since then...

The end.

I know, boring post.
Bear with me, I've got internet now!


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