Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jan 2011: ♥

More recap!

For a new year, 2011.
For all photos for January 2011, proceed here.

#1 Hang out at Starbucks on New Year! With Emiko. Crazy packed for the whole day and luckily we managed to snatch a comfortable sofa seat for the rest of the day.

#2 Final preparation for my final assessment. Means graduate soon! (Or already did for Diploma now) The room was in a crazy mess, couldn't even walk properly during the time. But that was done and past.

#3 Products arrangement for my final assessment. Didn't exactly spend much on decoration, or maybe not at all. Just a white cloth of which I used for photography and some dried rose petals.

#4 Reached KL, went to Ikea for furniture shopping and FINALLY we tasted the legendary meatballs. With Emiko and Benny, and we all think it's overrated but the gravy is to-die-for.

#5 First grocery shopping for our new home with Emiko, you can see my whole car boot is filled with stuff. We took six trip to move everything into the house, insanity. lol

#6 First home cooked meal in new house. Emiko and I was supposed to cook a dish each but I ended up whacking everything up in the kitchen. It was carbonara fettuccine and bacon with cheese and bacon. *drool* It was damn tasty!

#7 Emiko finally got her car. With the very wrong sounding "Wuuuu..~" car plate. lol

#8 Another to-die-for, macaroni with cheese!! Instant pack though but who cares when it's absolutely cheesy!

#9 Shopping and lepak with Emiko and The Gardens and MidValley before I ciao back to Ipoh that week itself. Lepak session rocks.

Based on the captions, it seems like there's a lot happened in January.
I guess I shall agree.

Finals, graduate (without graduation ceremony yet), moved to Puchong, buy furniture, set up new home, someone got new car, cook lotsa food at home, shopping and lepak outing, etc etc.

Good month!

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