Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nov & Dec 2010: ♥

I feel like I am so lost in my own blog nowadays.
Due to, still, no internet at home.

The only thing I remember that I gotta blog about is the 30 Day Challenge and nothing else.
My DSLR got dumped aside in my room, too, I haven't been taking pictures since... I came back from Ipoh?

So, I got this idea to do a recap on my photos for every month now.

Basically it's gonna be a once a month post since it's a monthly recap.
But I gotta start a few months back so it's gonna be a few posts to begin with.

Just photos and some descriptions of what's it about.
More like a monthly recap of my own life, in a way.

I will begin with November and December 2010 post.
I also have albums dedicated to each month in my Facebook.

For Nov & Dec 2010, it's here.

Only nine photos for both months because I was new and I took a lot of nonsense photos of which I think the sharing value ain't high enough.
So I just share those I think is okay to be shared.

#1 My Starbucks tumbler filled with Ribena and nom Strawberry pocky at the same time. Ain't much recap, I know but just love the photo itself.

#2 Neoguri Udon! My favourite Korean instant noodle. And it has nothing to do with my Korean craze lately, I have been eating this noodle forever already.

#3 All my Dooodolls beside my pillows on my bed in Ipoh. Cupido from my first ex, Pinky Pirate from my first ex's best friend and Fugi from Emiko.

#4 Photos from my Dad's 60th birthday celebration in November. Photographer always for family event.

#5 My Instax Mini 7. The photo was because one of the film got stuck inside the camera and I was trying to get it out without exposing the whole stack of film. Succeeded no less.

#6 One of the rare day where I woke up before the sun comes out and managed to catch a sunrise at my home balcony. Super beautiful, I didn't know my house has got such best view.

#7 A photo of JYP Nation for This Christmas. I was addicted to that song and such a lovely Christmas song. Definitely love and the song is still my ringtone until now.

#8 Starbucks! Planner! Yep, got my Starbucks planner in December I guess.

#9 Christmas log cake of which... I did not have. Just caught a picture in Coffee Bean when having an outing with Emiko. Side note: spent my Christmas with family as well as Emiko and her Mom.

That's all for Nov & Dec 2010!
Stay tune, more coming up!

January, CNY and February 2011 waiting to be up and posted.

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