Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recipe: ABC Soup

My second time boiling soup.
My housemate requested for ABC soup after I boiled white radish chicken soup a few days ago.

Hence brought me to this post.
I just thought I will share with all of you what I made this time.

But I think everyone already know how to boil ABC soup because it's like the simplest soup ever.
The way of doing it and the amount or type of ingredients might vary for different people.

So here's my way of doing it.

2 fairly big carrot
6 small tomatoes
3 big yellow onion
4 medium size potato
half a chicken (without skin)
a teaspoon of salt


So basically the first four ingredients may be altered to suit one taste.
For me, I would prefer more tomato and onion compare to carrot.
I don't really like carrot, but I love the other three ingredients.

So I chop carrot, tomato, onion and potato up into fairly small pieces.
You may chop them into bigger pieces if you want to nom them when done.
While I like it if it all goes soft and gone in the soup hence small pieces.

As you can see in the picture, I actually got all the ingredients pile quite high up in the pot and that's actually not advisable.
I miscalculate the amount of ingredients hence it sort of too much but still manageable.


When done chopping, boil about 1 liter of hot water and pour it into the pot with the other ingredients in it.
Start boiling with the lid close but pay close attention especially if your ingredients are full like mine, you don't want your soup to start boiling and spilling out.

Once it started boiling, open the lid a little to let air out and adjust the fire to small fire.
Or else you might burn your soup like it happened to me. =(

Yes, I burnt my soup in the progress because I did not switch to small fire once boiled.
But managed to safe it though the soup has a little burnt taste in it now.

While waiting for the water to boil, take the time to clean the chicken and remove the skin and fats.
You don't want your pot of soup cover with a thick layer of fats when you are done.

Cut chicken into big pieces.
Put them into the soup after one and a half hour and continue to boil it with small fire for another hour.
Remember the keep the lid open with a slit to let air out.

Season with a teaspoon of salt and finally, the soup is done!


That's the famous ABC soup for you.
I nom nom already and it's yummeh!

But actually as mentioned earlier, ingredients and methods can be altered.
If you like your chicken super soft, then put the chicken in together with the rest of the ingredients in the beginning.
If you like your chicken tender and just nice to nom, then put in an hour and a half later like what I did.

Ingredients big pieces or small pieces up to personal preference, salt amount and etc.
Experiment yourself and you will find the best way to suit your taste.

But there's still important point to remember like switching to small fire after the water boiled and keep the lid slightly open to let air out.

Now it shall be your turn, happy cooking. =)

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