Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feb 2011: ♥

Recap time, it's been a while but I shall do this every beginning of the month.
Which means it's soon to be May and I have another two more months of recap to catch up.

I am gonna try to catch up but I don't wanna spam my blog with only recap.
So hopefully I can blog more and... sleep less.

So here goes the February 2011 recap.
I know February was the CNY month but I think I took too many photos during CNY hence I have separated them into two posts as well as two albums in my Facebook.

Full album, do proceed here.

#1 Took a picture of Cupipi, posted in Facebook and tagged all my friends to wish them Happy Valentine's day. Though the Cupipi was my last year birthday present from the bestie, Bell, but suits Vday.

#2 Loving my necklace, rocking it every time I wear it out. It cost a bomb but I think the bomb is quite worth it. Every time I wear it out, it sure gets compliment from people around. Mad nice.

#3 A picture of the lovely sky during my journey. Journey up to the high land. With the parents. Genting time! During the last few day of CNY.

#4 A photo of the hotel room we were staying. I got so addicted to then that I took whatever photos that I could hence explained.

#5 The sky of Genting covered in mist. And snowing. Effect from apps.

#6 A random photo to show off my then newly bought sweater from Uniqlo. Mad love! It's purple, it's cute and it's so comfy! It's made of fleece. Not that I know what's fleece, sound like fleas to me.

#7 My collection up to date (then). All photos in this photo are taken in Genting Highland itself. Showed how many photos I took.

#8 Somewhere in February, I got sick after I came back from Ipoh and it was so not cool. Being sick at home in Ipoh is so different from being sick outside. Outside I need to cook for my own hence the porridge. Porridge for the sick.

#9 Again, someday that I went lunch with my housematie at Garden in Sunway Pyramid, the food was awesome and the price is even more awesome. Yeah, crazy expensive. But yummy. Love and hate.

#10 I woke up and it's like the first view after I open my eyes. Grabbed my phone, snapped and Basically the view of my study table of which not much studying has been done there.

#11 First night out since forever and highly pampered. Pampered by alcohol. A total of 10 tequila shots and still standing that night.

#12 One of the day I went out online at Starbucks due to the almost non-existent coverage of DiGi broadband back at home. No internet at home at that time.

I guess that puts my February to an end.
Not much happening I supposed, but lots of photos still.

Nowadays my photos amount are decreasing gradually already.
Plus it's changing to become a food post already, it's all food in my

Guess my life is getting boring.
Or I am getting boring.

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