Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie: Rio

Rio, one of the movie I have already made a plan to watch since I saw its trailer in the cinema. The emphasizing of the fact that the movie is from the creators of Ice Age has no additional effect on me. I am not exactly a big fan of Ice Age.

So last week, once the movie was out, I got to watch Rio at first few show. Now check out the trailer to those who has yet to catch it. Though that is rare to happen unless you live under a nutshell. Or not.

So if you have yet to watch it, aren't you feel like catching it in the cinema right now? I bet you do. Most of you at least.

Now before I proceed, I would like to share the plot of the movie with all of you. Of course spoiler alert. If you haven't catch the movie and want no spoiler, skip it. If you are not planning to catch the movie at all, read the spoiler and just maybe it might get you interested in it.

In a jungle near the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, birds fly and sing, while a baby Spix's Macaw who cannot fly watches. Several of the birds, including the macaw, are caged by smugglers, and are taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota in the United States. The box containing the baby bird is accidentally left on the street, where it is found by a girl named Linda, who names him "Blu".
Fifteen years later, Linda (Leslie Mann) now owns and lives in a bookstore with Blu, who has still not learned how to fly. A scientist from Brazil, Tulio, enters the store and tells Linda that Blu is the last male of his species, and he needs to take him to Rio, so that Blu can mate with a female to preserve the species.
There, Blu meets the female macaw, Jewel. Blu falls for her, but she is only interested in escaping. The shelter is then raided by smugglers, who are let in by the head smuggler's cockatoo, Nigel (Jermaine Clement), who was posing as a sickly bird. Among them is Fernando (Jake T. Austin), a poor boy with no family, who only helps the smugglers to earn some money. Blu and Jewel are captured and chained together, but manage to escape. As they flee, Nigel chases them through the slums of Rio, and after losing Nigel, Blu and Jewel get lost in the nearby jungle.
The next day they meet a family of toucans. The father, Rafael (George Lopez), offers to take them to see his friend Luiz, who could remove the chain. Rafael also tries to teach Blu to fly, telling him that he just needs to "feel the rhythm" of his heart. After Blu tries and fails to fly, the group head into town, where they meet a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro ( and his canary friend Nico (Jamie Foxx), whom Blu met before meeting Jewel. Meanwhile, Nigel enlists the aid of a group of thieving marmosets to find Blu and Jewel, and Linda and Tulio try and find Blu, assisted by the repentant Fernando. Pedro and Nico take Blu and Jewel to a bird's samba club, where Blu starts to dance.
Fernando leads Linda and Tulio to the smugglers hideout, where they learn the criminals plan to use Carnivale as a cover to regain Blu and Jewel and escape with their stolen birds. As night falls, the group finally meet the Bulldog Luiz (Tracy Morgan), a supposed chainsaw professional, who attempts to saw through the chain, but unintentionally uses his drool to lubricate Blu and Jewel's feet enough for them to slip through. Jewel is overjoyed at being able to fly again, but Blu isn't, knowing they will have to part ways. Unfortunately, Jewel is then captured by Nigel. When Pedro and Nico inform Blu of Jewel's capture, he decides to mount a rescue, using Luiz as a steed to follow Nigel.
Linda and Tulio make their way into Carnivale by posing as dancers, but Blu is captured by Nigel. Linda and Tulio follow the smugglers, but are too late to stop them from taking off in their plane. During the flight, Blu manages to break out of his cage, and they all fly away except for Jewel, who knows Blu is afraid to because he still can't fly. Nigel then appears, holding down Blu and smashing a cage onto Jewel's wing, injuring her. Blu manages to blast Nigel out of the plane by attaching a fire extinguisher to his leg.
Jewel, now flightless, is pushed out of the plane by a falling cage, and Blu jumps out after her. Jewel is surprised and touched that Blu went after her, and as they fall, she kisses him. Blu is then overcome by the rhythm of his heart, holds out his wings, and flies, saving himself and Jewel. They then descend and return to Linda and Tulio, who attempts to tend to Jewel's hurt wing. Jewel is reluctant at first, but Blu convinces her to accept Tulio's help.
Linda and Tulio later found the "Blu Bird Sanctuary", a part of Rio's jungle protected from smugglers. Blu says goodbye to Linda and joins Jewel, whose wing is fully healed, in the jungle, fathering three chicks with her.

So the main character of Rio is the macaw, a blue bird of which being named as 'Blu' later on. It's mostly about the adventure of Blu after being human-friendly (pet) for 15 years when he got caught by smuggler, again, at the same time a little romance story with another macaw, Jewel.

You should have seen Blu when it was still a baby in the first two minutes of the movie, he was so crazily cute! I can't stop myself from going 'Awwww...' for the whole two minutes. Freaking crazy adorable to the max! Too bad I couldn't find a picture of baby Blu.

The movie is kind of funny induced with romance as well as adventure plus a lot of values. Of course the values part might not appeal to some people like how it does to others. The story line might not be the most brilliant one but the other parts made up for it. Pretty graphics, awesome music with lively beat, humorous side characters, etc.

While for me, I was happy when I know that Anne Hathaway is the voice over for Jewel! I love love love Anne Hathaway, she is so pretty! And I super love her quirky voice when she wants to be, like Jewel character. If you watch her other movies, you will be surprised that she actually did the voice over of Jewel because it's like a total different side of her. Or maybe I fancy her too much.

Random side note, Jesse Eisenberg is the voice over for Blu. Yet, another surprise for me because I never know Jesse Eisenberg can do such good voice over. Just in case if you do not know who Jesse Eisenberg is, he is the guy who acted as Mark Zuckerberg in the movie, The Social Network. Just surprised.

All in all, I think I sort of like the movie quite a bit. Definitely not a bad movie, though I wouldn't rate it a 10/10 because that's hard to go by. Definitely worth watching though. Now go watch it if you have yet to.


ken said...

seems like a nice movie.. initially thought of not watching it :)

alLets'Lexy said...

ken, catch it if you love this sort of movie. it's good. =)

Sheyla Mayra said...

Hey, I'm from Brazil and I didn't watch the movie yet! What a shame ! lol
But I'm planning to do that, this week! All my friends who have watched the movie said that they loved it!

ps: sorry about my english! lol

alLets'Lexy said...

sheyla, you should really watch this movie! the environment of rio portrayed in the movie is awesome! =) hope you love it. and no worry, your english is good.

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