Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafty Art Market day

Finally went for art market other than Urbanscapes, Crafty Art Market 3 at Jaya One last Saturday.

I am so glad I have a friend, Yumie who actually have time to be my companion plus we haven't see each other for so long. So the day was spent at Jaya One looking from stall to stall of what were offered.

I miss going to art market so much, I decided I shall check out all art markets being held as much as possible now.

Some vendors there are so friendly, though we did not buy anything from them but they were very friendly. There's some who actually spent time chatting with us and laughing.

I am so sorry I didn't get photos of the market. After not bringing my DSLR out for so long, I actually feel a little bit awkward.

I know, boo to me. =(

But we had lunch in between and we went to The Bee. The Bee offers Brunch Menu, one of the menu that I love love love so much!



The menu options make me feel like ordering every single thing on it. Omelette love, smoked salmon love, portobello mushroom love, swiss cheese love, scrambled egg love, the bee big breakfast omg.

I want everything! I should have take up the offer when Yumie suggested why not we order one main dish for each of us and extra dish to share.

I really should have! I wonder now who would want to go to The Bee with me again. I so wanted to go back there and try everything on the Brunch menu.



So here's what we had, I decided on Portobello mushroom and Swiss cheese Omelette but added on smoked salmon for extra RM3. While Yumie had this smoked salmon and avocado wrap.

The smoked salmon in the wrap was so thick! I had an imaginary plan to steal the smoked salmon while Yumie went to the washroom. lol

My food was okay, I would wish for a scrambled egg instead of omelette I guess. Scrambled egg might satisfy me more than an omelette.



After lunch, we spent more time at the Crafty Art Market, I bought a customized charm bracelet cum necklace so we went back to the stall to get it.

When done a round of all the stalls, we went back to those that we have something to buy from. I bought two items including the necklace.

Then we went to Starbucks to continue chatting and also it was so hot out there at the stalls.


I know my Starbucks Java Chip frap looks like its sweating. Yes, it was that hot. lol But that's because it took me quite a while before I shoot the shot because I was busy yak-ing to Yumie.

Every time I look at the new Starbucks logo, something's missing. It's just not the same anymore.

Especially when I see it on certain tumblers, the tumblers might be nice but with the new logo, I lose my desire to buy it.

Just maybe that's a good thing for me, so I would stop spending on Starbucks tumblers.

Also, the new Frappuccino where you can customized your own Frappuccino actually does really make the taste a little bit different compare to last time. For me, I would say I love the old one better.

I really don't understand what's the rave of the new Frappuccino. We could have customized our drinks even from before anyway.

Anyway, below are my boughts at Crafty Art Market! Super excited but not exactly happy when thought about the money I have spent.

So here's the charm bracelet cum necklace!


Special, isn't it?

I love how the stall vendor suggested a bracelet cum necklace because I couldn't decide of which I wanted to get. I kind of regretted I didn't ask for her name though.

Anyway, her online stall is All Kind of Everything under the name AKOE.Ai. So I am giving a small bet her name is Ai?

Plus she is super friendly and very nice to talk to. Random fact, she read Twilight. The book, not the movie. lol




A little more details of the charms. I think this is my second charms bracelet with wings but finally, this is a pair and not only one wing.

I have this thought all the time that I have only one wing and I can never fly. And I like to stay with only a wing. Weird, I know. But not this time, I got a pair instead.

This cost me RM38. It's kind of cheap I think because previously I got a charm bracelet that cost me about RM60 from Sunway Pyramid stall.

Next, the second item I got is what I think is a funky notebook from Notbook - Notbuk.


It is actually a organizer aka. planner aka. journal.

You know how normal yearly organizer has a year through dates printed in it and you can only use that for a year unless you don't mind being behind time?

But this is the special point of this Notbook - Notbuk because it's a organizer that follows your timeline instead of being made for a specific year.



Still don't get it? I was confused, too when the stall vendor explained that to me. So I flipped around and I found what it meant.



See? It's all blank at the date!

So basically, you write your own date and you use the organizer based on your timeline instead of wasting some dates printed that you have no plan on.

I think this is a brilliant idea and the book is cute. I am a sucker for nice organizer/planner.

Plus these books are sort of limited because they only have about two units for each design. Though might not be something to rave about, but still a good point.

This cost me RM35 and I think it's quite worth it considering it's a special organizer.

That's how I spent my last Saturday and it just remind me how lovely it is to have spend some quality time with some girlfriends instead.

I would love to bring my girlfriends out more and have some quality time.

Now who wanna go out with me?

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