Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 14 - Your earliest memory.

My earliest memories are all because of photographs being taken by my mom and my aunt hence I might think that I remember quite a few. But the truth is I don't and added to the fact I have bad memory. Or I just have childhood amnesia extended into my adulthood.

But just maybe there's some shadow inside my memories which was originated when I was still a very young kid. Less than 5 years old?

I remember there's one time when my parents brought me to Genting Highland and after I came out from the lift, I ran off myself fast without looking back. Being the good parents, my parents actually went and hide to see my reaction when I found out I lost them.

So that incident ended with a crying kid being upset especially towards her Dad. I was a Daddy girl when I was a kid. Not so much now but still it's there.

Honestly, I really can't remember much. All memories of mine during my childhood are based on photographs.

It just shows how strong photography is. I can look at photos from my childhood and tell you all the stories behind each and everyone of it. Or... my Mom telling me each and everyone of the stories instead.


jamiey writes said...

awww so sweet... now you're making me wanna post my baby photos LOL :D

alLets'Lexy said...

haha! it's kinda awkward embarrassing a little bit, no? but it's okay, it's all memories. =)

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