Monday, May 30, 2011

Delicious at Mid Valley is BAD

Just an update to push the previous blog post down. I wouldn't say everything has passed and it's starting to get okay, I just don't want that blog post to be on the first post in my blog.

If I am going to be honest, I am still not okay. Gloomy and stormy days has yet to be gone. Ignoring the fact that it just got worse.

It seems like 2011 is a hard year for me. A really really hard one. A lot of different obstacles in different aspects of my life. What would I learn from all these, I wonder.

Anyway, nuff of vague miserable stuff. The photo above is the brunch I had with Emiko at Delicious about a week ago. The food was good no doubt, it's only my second visit to Delicious but first time to Mid Valley branch.

The first visit to Bangsar Village II was a pleasant experience in terms of food quality as well as the service. But this visit to the Mid Valley branch just spoilt everything. The food was good no doubt, but the service sucks hard.

The service of Delicious Mid Valley branch was so so so bad, I found uncountable complaints in foursquare tips when I was checking in. I never knew because I never check before that.

What I have experienced was there wasn't anyone who bother to serve us at the entrance even though there's a sign that says 'Wait to be served' or something along the line. We stood there for about 3 minutes feeling awkward while other customers were looking at us at the same time all waiters pretend like they didn't see us.

So we walked right in after that and just looking for tables ourselves instead of waiting any longer. Then only someone who seems to be the manager that actually asked if he may assist us. Mind you, even that wasn't in the best tone of voice. I thought I should be the one annoyed instead of him.

So we were seated, given a menu and then when we decided what to order, we had a hard time getting someone to take our order. It was so frustrating damn it! Finally got someone to take the order so we thought it's fine.

We were waiting for our drinks to come since normally drinks come first plus we were very thirsty at the moment. But nop, the drinks didn't come until almost all the food came which was the second last thing to have arrived. Like wtf? You can't serve your drinks first instead of serving the pasta first. What kind of management is that?

Everything is so messed up, the only thing was the food still taste good. If even that was messed up, I would be totally pissed. It was such a bad experience that I swear I would never ever go to that branch again. Not to forget the fact that we paid RM100 plus for such horrible experience. I am sure we paid enough service charge to get a decent if not excellent service.

Blah blah blah. Nuff said. Gonna end the post with a selca. It's been crazy long ever since I lasted posted a selca if I remember right. Cheers.


Nava Krishnan said...

I am also particular about customer service, this is also important besides the food.

alLets'Lexy said...

Yeah, it's also part of what we pay for. I think it is very important to have everything good from service to food. =)

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