Thursday, May 19, 2011

DiGi WWWOW Awards

I am sure most of you would have know about DiGi WWWOW Awards. But nop, my blog ain't nominated but the Kpop blog, Kpop Feverish that I am an admin of is nominated as TOP KAY POH BLOG which means Top Gossip Blog.

Don't ask me why is it in the Top Gossip Blog category, the founder of Kpop Feverish was the one who chose the category I supposed.

So anyway, I am sure most of you would have know why I posted this here. Please, please, please vote for us! It would mean a lot for us if we win.

We are trying hard to climb up the ranking right now and we are going up but I would say it's too gradually in speed. So we need your help! Our hope is with you now!

How to vote for Kpop Feverish :-
1. VOTE by clicking [This Link] or the YELLOW icon above.
2. Log in with your Facebook.
3. Key in the word verification and click on the vote button.
4. Done!

If possible, we would appreciate it a lot if you can vote everyday. It's a daily voting system, so each and everyone of us is allow to have one vote per day.

By the way, I am not sure if there's much Kpop fans here but if you are one, remember to hop over to Kpop Feverish for some awesome Kpop doses!

I know I haven't been contributing much lately. Just because I have no time to update myself on Kpop related topics. Hopefully I have something for it after this Saturday. *wink*

Now what you waiting for? Vote!!


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