Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Ways to Creatively Organize Your Time, Mind, and Workspace

Found this very nice blog, Bubby and Bean while I was bloghopping. A very nice blog to follow and I went throught the whole archive in about two days time. It's about art crafts, vintage stuff, fashion, home deco, photography, travel and all the stuff that I like.

I also found a few post that I think is too good not to share. One of it is this one of the Creative Kickstart post, 5 Ways to Creatively Organize Your Time, Mind & Workspace wrote by Melissa, the author of the blog herself.

I find it quite useful and very entertaining to read about this. Maybe because it's all about creative people and all about pretty and beautiful things.

1. CREATE A PRETTY SPACE. Creative people tend to prefer things to be in plain view, with easy access. While left-brain people may do better with file cabinets and drawers, these things just don't work as well for us. Try organizing your materials in clear containers or on shelves instead. Use objects that you find visually appealing to organize your supplies and paperwork, like baskets or colorful bowls. Think of it as a design project rather than a means of putting things in order.

2. REWORK YOUR 'TO DO' LIST. For years, my 'to do' list was a file on my laptop that provoked instant stress when I opened it each day. There was very little order to it, and if I had a big project, I'd list it everyday. (Note: Even if you're aware that you have two months to complete it, seeing "Design Entire Fall Collection" on your list of things to accomplish on a particular day is going produce some subconscious anxiety!). Try breaking down big projects into specific tasks that can be spread out over time, list things in order of importance, and be realistic about how much time you can devote to each thing. If you don't finish something, move it to the top of your list for the next day. Stick to concise daily lists with fair goals for yourself.


I am just going to post two of the five here since I believe a full credit should be given back to Bubby and Bean since this is an original post and she should earn the traffic fully instead of me here.

Hop over for the rest of the post, it's an awesome post to miss. Follow the blog if you are a person like me who like all the stuff mentioned. It's truly a very good blog.

Hope you guys like this share.

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