Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 18 - Your beliefs.

If you have already forgotten about this, I am going to remind you that I am still not done with the 30 Day Challenge. It's been half a year since 2011 started, I know.

Guess the last few topics just doesn't inspire me to write anything. Anyway, I still insist of finishing it though I know the last few posts might be total bull.

So let's continue at where I have left off previous, Day 18.

This topic is kind of vague. My beliefs. Hmm... should I write everything that I believe in? That might be a never ending long list in here. Maybe I shall try...

I believe that all humans are innocent unless proven guilty.
I believe that humans should not be categorized based on skin colors.
I believe that love comes no matter of genders but as an individual.
I believe that no matter how much one say they don't judge, they still do. It's just a matter of judging unconsciously or consciously.
I believe that no one would ever understand thoroughly of what another individual is going through no matter how similar the situation is.
I believe that everyone deserve to be respected unless he/she disrespect him/herself first.
I believe that no one is responsible for my own happiness other than myself.
I believe that my friends are real to me, care sincerely and love me for who I am.
I believe that no one hold responsible of me other than myself.
I believe that staying single and not get involved with anyone is the best choice. At least for the moment.

It's getting a little bit personal, don't you think? But anyway, I guess that's all or else there would be a hell load that I actually believe.

But no matter what, I guess I believe in myself, my family and my friends of those who cares.

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