Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How I welcome my big 23...

O'yes, you didn't see it wrong on the title, I have finally reached 23 years old now. But I think I always silently wish to stay forever 21 or maybe 20? Do I look like one? But nah, no point denying my real age, right? A girl gotta grow.

What I did was went back to Ipoh last weekend on Friday but it was such a short trip, I actually had a little hard time leaving home when the time comes. Surprisingly, that was also the first time I actually couldn't bear to leave. I went back for only less than three days when I left on Sunday evening.

So what did I managed in such a short trip? I am actually quite glad I managed to visit a few people in such short time. Quite a lot considering the little time.

When I reached home, I was welcomed by my foster granny and foster mom as just so coincidently they were visiting my parents. And then of course my Mom who is trying to cook up a dinner for the night and my busy Dad.

After dinner, my Mom and I went to visit my Granny and my lovely Aunt Janet. I am glad that I made the time to visit them, I don't wanna drift apart from them just because that I am stationed in KL right now. Granny and Aunt Janet has been a big part of my life and I always wanted them to stay where they are in my heart.

So just a few hours in Ipoh, I managed to see and visit so many of my family, I actually felt contented. But I guess the next trip, I gotta make more time for them as well as for myself when I go back to Ipoh again. Three days were seriously barely enough.

The next day I had a meet up with my ex-collegemates, Eugene and Vivian, haven't seen these two for ages! Half a year I guess since I graduated from my Diploma course. So much to catch up and so much to gossip and talk about. I am glad we all made the time to see each other, it was nice and fun. Glad that we managed to take a few photos as well.

The other thing is, I miss Ipoh Starbucks so much, so I decided the meet up location to be in Starbucks. I am surprised that so many of the old baristas are still there. The manager saw me walking in and she had a surprised face, talk for a little bit and chatted with the baristas that recognized me. I guess I spent like half an hour or so talking to them only when I reached.

It was nice to have baristas that actually knows you by your name and chat with you. I wish I can frequent an outlet here so much that they would eventually recognized me but it is almost impossible. I am afraid of going to Starbucks here alone after the incident where my handbag got stollen under my nose in Starbucks Kelana Jaya Giant branch a few months ago.

After the meet up, after about three hours of catching up, sharing and talking, it's time for family dinner. My Mom wanted to bring me to have this yummy crab somewhere in town, and we invited my foster family along. Dinner together is a must! We dined at Yin Fai Kee Restaurant if I am not mistaken. Seems to be quite famous and the food is nice! Crab is delicious!

I actually... missed a photo with my foster mom, so you don't see her in the pictures. But I have a hard time taking pictures with everyone of them because... they don't know how to selca. Though I am the one holding the camera but everyone still has some problems. And I don't get it why that I am always the one who is clear and the others blur in the photo. They swear they did not move. lol

After dinner, it's almost the end of the day already and the next day was Sunday, the day where I was supposed to leave Ipoh. I couldn't sleep the night before so I woke up late to lunch that my Mom made, packed and basically just leave. It feels bad, couldn't help it.

No doubt I feel a little bit upset for leaving but... it's not that I am completely heartless alright. It's just that it was the eve of my Birthday and since I have got no plan, a friend decided that we should go somewhere near at least to 'celebrate'? Haha, there's nothing near to celebration but you get what I mean.

Basically the plan is Genting! O'yes I love love love Genting and I never know going up to Genting from here is so freaking near! So we chilled at Genting, just eat, Starbucks, chill, puff, talk crap till midnight passed by. I know, damn random and we stayed till the Starbucks closed and the baristas seems like they wanna just kick us out.

But I so love the night at Genting! I love love love any night at Genting even though I am not doing anything much or anything at all. I am insane like that, I just love it. But I guess other than this part, my big 23 day was nothing special. Lots of Facebook messages, a few text messages and Watsapp messages. Surprisingly no call this year.

I don't mind going up to Genting any time from now if anyone wanna chill there! Or I think I'm gonna start dragging people up just to accompany me to chill, I think I can't go alone because the road coming down is a little bit freaky to me. I guess I would creep myself out if I am alone.

Birthday present? Got angpaus from my family when I went back to Ipoh, guess I choose the right timing to go back. Haha. And also got a huge ass Cupipi from my bestie housemate, Emiko about a week earlier! Can't not love her right? Love my Cupipi max but I love my bestie housemate more. She's like my Mommy as well as Daughter in KL lol. We talk to each other like we are the Moms, that's why. Yep, only one present.

But today I got myself something that I have always wanted since I was 16 after the first time I see in back in Ipoh Yik Foong Complex. Zippo! Not that I smoke at 16 but I just love lighters. I think no one actually knows that I likes lighter so much. I have always wanted this matte purple Zippo and I finally got it today out of pure randomness.

I walked pass this shop in Sunway, saw it and decided I should just buy it because I actually fought with my inner-self for a few days already whether I should or should not get it. I guess I always wish someone would get it for me but nah, it's not gonna happen. So self-treat! Can't help it when you love something 7 years ago and every time you walked pass it, you still wanted it right?

Seriously, no regret! But one thing is, I wanna get it engraved but one shop said that since it's a spray on matte purple paint, it can't be engraved or it will fcuked up the paint. I am sad! But I guess if I can't get it engraved for real then prolly I will have to spray paint it myself. Still in planning.

I still think I get the best birthday presents though there's only two and one is self-treat. Love the presents, love the time I spent with my family when I went back to Ipoh, love the time spent in Genting with my crazy friend, just love love love!

Guess it wasn't too bad, right? But I'm still claiming this whole week as my birthday week, so watch out! lol Now, officially ending the post with another selca. Ciao!

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