Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Getaway

I have not been exactly in my best place recently hence partially explained why the blog mojo is not here as well.

I have been feeling a little under the weather and trying to get back up as much as I could. I am doing fairly well right now but just not good enough. I am still trying to bring myself back up fully as soon as possible.

I guess things like this takes time. June has not been exactly the best month either even though it was my birthday month, I guess all I could hope for is a better July.

With all going on with me, all I hope for recently is a getaway. Just a quick, short getaway from the city, that's all I hope for.

Surprisingly, a friend is up for it one day when I was saying I wanna get out of the city, somewhere near, even just for a night just to take a breathe.

Hence, we had a last minute random getaway trip to Port Dickson (PD). Honestly, I have never been to PD before. Not that I don't like the beach, but it's more because I am afraid of the sun and I don't swim.

But what the heck, it's random and PD is near so we went for it.

The moment that I stepped onto the balcony of our rented apartment, the moment I hear the voice of the sea, I feel like I can breathe again. I was away from the city, I was at this place where even McD doesn't exist.

But we reached just about an hour before midnight, hence it was dark outside and I couldn't see the sea yet, just the sound of it. But even so, it was enough to make me feel good for a little bit.

I decided that it should be a gadget-and-internet-free getaway because at times, the internet just makes me so tired. Yet at the same time, I couldn't leave it alone.

Especially now when I'm anxious all the time waiting for all the email replies. Also the fact that I am practically an addict to the internet and the phone. Especially when it's there, I just feel the need to attend though the real truth is there is no such need.

I cheated for a little bit when I checked an email coming in a few hours later. Just checking, so we have rules that we can check but not reply or respond to anything other than phone calls.

You know the time that you decide to be away is the time everyone else decided that they should buzz you somewhere. Somewhere on Twitter, Facebook, Watsapp or just anywhere. That's how it was and I was trying so bad to resist.

I think I sort of made it. Proud much.

Surprisingly, even away from the city it seems like I couldn't sleep. I don't know what has been inhabiting my mind but I woke up at 8am considering I had a late night as well as a long drive the previous night.

So the first thing I did was hop onto the balcony to welcome the sea right in front of me. The feeling of it brought a smile instantly to my face. Imagine how silly standing on the balcony alone, smiling to the sea. Silly but very much well worth it.

I know PD beach is not exactly beautiful nor pretty. It's practically just a sea. But it was enough to make me feel a little bit better, I guess I wasn't hoping for much at that time. Just a mere sea is enough. At least it wasn't dirty.

Plus it was just an hour drive away, couldn't ask for more for such a short noticed random getaway trip. But I am so glad I went for it. This is one of those little things that I try to learn to appreciate.

After having enough of 'Me Time' with the sea, I decided to take some photo! But I forgot to bring my zoom lens and my ala wide lens adapter ain't wide enough, hence photos taken by my DSLR ain't exactly pretty. Or I am just too lazy to edit when there's already pretty photos from my iPhone.

I love all the photos of the beach taken by my iPhone, how convenient and how pretty. I got the first three photo thanks to the Photosynth app and the stitching is so good you barely see the meeting points. I got my friends jealous when I sent them those photos because it looks so pretty.

While the rest are taken with Lomo Cam app that I was having fun with. You normally can't take photos with such dramatic effects on daily lives, they just don't fit. But with these, they are so lovely.

I had about three hours of 'Me Time' looking out at the sea, taking photos, editing and listening to music and just sitting there thinking with the companion of the sea voice before we decided to pack and check out. I guess three hours just ain't enough, I wish for more. Or I am just being greedy.

After coming back home, back sitting in my living room at late evening, I thought how I wish I was back at where I was just that morning. So near yet so far, I miss just being there, not doing anything, trying to stay clear of gadgets and internet and think.

Now if I were to have such a getaway again, I swear I wanna go for 3 days 2 nights instead to get enough of 'Me Time' and to get away from the evil gadgets and internet long enough.

Still, I appreciate and am grateful to my friend who made this getaway a real deal. Thank you, you know who you are if you will even read my blog to begin with.


Lindy said...

Beautiful pictures. Love it. :)

Thristhan said...

Me and a bunch of friends usually chill at PD beach at night with some BBQ and Beers :)

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