Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Karystal Professional Nail Salon

Yesterday, I went for a mani pedi session at Sunway Dataran Mentari with Emiko. It's been so long since I had my last session which was during the Chinese New Year. My toes still have the nail polish from then left. Disgusting, I know.

The deal was written as Harmony Nail Salon, so Emiko and I had a hard time looking for the shop as we didn't know that the signboard ain't Harmony Nail Salon anymore. It is currently named Karystal Professional Nail Salon which situated in Dataran Mentari, right beside Wisma TT. It would be so easy to find if we knew the name.

So we got there and it is situated on the first floor, even the entrance has tight security. The salon is nice, very cosy and gives a very comfortable vibe. I like it once I walked in and realized that a lot of the furnitures and lightings there were bought from Ikea. Plus point because I love Ikea!

Didn't manage to get a picture of the area where we were seated. Basically it's the pedi area with sinks on the floor and such. They have big comfy sofa and nice plush not too small pillow. I think it's the same pillow I have at home, yes, from Ikea as well! lol

So we started off with the Spa Pedicure and every other thing that has to do with the feet before moving on to the manicure. Mad love the feeling of finally pampering my feet, I really think I neglected my feet most the time. Too lazy to do it myself.

During the session, the owner of the salon came to chat with us. The owner is a beautiful lady name Kaka, hence I guess that is why of the nail salon name 'Karystal' insteal of krystal or crystal. She is so pretty and elegant, I can't stop staring. But she's talking to us, so I guess it's okay to stare?

Anyway, she took the opportunity to sell us some packages and promotional services. Very confusing packages, quite a big amount of money of seems very worth it as well. Conclusion, in the end, we bought the packages. More of the packages later.

Then it was time to choose nail colors for both the feet and the hands. Truth to be told, color choices wise, it seems like it is not too wide of a range though they insisted that they have a very big range. Maybe it was the amount of sample that made it seems very little.

But according to the owner, they have more than 100 colors from OPI and 60 plus colors for the Gelish color and etc. Sound a lot, right? But I still have some trouble choosing.

In the end, I settled with the OPI Shatter series for my hands. Always wanted to try but an extra RM10 charges for the shatter series, I think it's reasonable. I chose a base of silver color and then black shatter on top of it. Guess what? It looks super lovely!

Basically I can't stop staring at my own nails once it was done. So interesting, so pretty and so suit me. I always have problem looking for nail colors that suits me since according to my friends, I ain't exactly the girly girlish kind of girl. So no girlish colors I supposed.

OPI Shatter series is the bomb! Super love it and I wanted to have another one with different base color the next time. The shatter effect is best with only black color though, they have a lot of colors like blue, red, silver, etc but they don't shatter as beautifully as the black does.

But in terms of nails art from the salon, since Emiko wanted to do nail art, I think it's quite pricey. They charge RM5 per finger for nail art of which would be total up to RM50 for all fingers. I guess this is the most expensive nail art charges I have ever heard from so many nail salon.

I have paid for nail art that costs me RM15 to RM30 before but RM50? I was actually quite shocked to know of the price. But Emiko was charged RM40 instead since we were going to buy the packages and be a member there. But the nail art sample they have ain't exactly impressive either. Not a very wide range and nothing to be 'Aww' of.

Coming back to the packages we bought, inclusive in the deals from MilkADeal, we were given a chance to buy the Gelish service for half the price during our visit. The Gelish service is actually manicure but the nail color use actually contains gel instead of normal nail polish. Hence it can last up to as long as a month without peeling or chipping. Original price is RM120, so we were offer to buy it for only RM60. Good deal, no? So we bought two.

On top of that, we also bought another packages of a total of 9 session of manicure and 9 session of pedicure for the price of RM380. With that we were given a booklet of vouchers with no expiry dates and lots of free or promotional deals. Confusing? I know. Basically if we break it down, it would be a mani and pedi session that costs about RM40 plus every time.

RM40 plus for mani pedi session is quite worth it. Along side with that, the package has no expiry date as well and you can use it up to years as long as the nail salon still exist. While being the member, during the visit on the birthday month, you will be getting a upgraded Spa Pedicure that costs RM200 for free.

Another thing that I love about Karystal is because they offer free touch up for normal mani and pedi within a week after it was done and if it's the Gelish mani then it would be free touch up for up to a whole month! There is no limit of how many times of touch up you can have as long as it is within the time period.

Isn't that very nice? Imagine you get it done and maybe two days later it chip a little bit but you have some event or anything to attend so you can head back there for free touch up and not waste your mani and pedi that you just paid like a few days ago. I personally think that is a great customer service that I have ever heard of.

In the end, we spent about RM500 of where we now have 2 Gelish mani + 9 manicure + 9 pedicure. A total of 20 session for RM500 is good money. Guess we now have mani and pedi session that can last us till next year even.

Anyway, I am not sure of the quality for nail extension in Karystal and nail art isn't that good but other than that, I think they have very good deal especially with the package and good customer service. Now I guess I am gonna be regular there after I use up my voucher for HRH Nail Salon this month.


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