Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Kind of Artist are You?

Something random while I am struggling with my assignment to the end of semester now. I find this interesting and kinda true in a way.

What kind of Artist am I?
For me it goes this way:

Can I draw?
Not really, so it's a No.

Own in design?
I guess so, so it's a Yes.

Yes obviously. 

I use so much white space it's racist.
Graphic designer.

Couldn't find anything suit me better than this. Graphic designer, yes.

Anyway, struggling to finish my Socio-Psychology assignment as review deadline was last Thursday and final deadline is two days away along with e-Journal submission as well as presentation on my assignment topic.

I couldn't concentrate. Especially when I don't exactly understand what I am writing. I managed to get about 1000 words until now, there's 1500 words more to go. This is so bad, I wish I can just skip the presentation and lose the marks.

But nah, even last minute work, I gotta try my best, right? Wish me luck.

If you're bored, go visit my Tumblr. I have definitely been tumblr spamming. But beware you'll come across with a lot of L Word rave, if you are not okay with homosexuals that's it. Cheers.


ken said...

well.. im a photo-manipulator then :)

alLets'Lexy said...

haha~ nice. i actually have dilemma somewhere there. =P

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