Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sigma giveaway

Eki from is having another giveaway! Lucky me that I saw the post in time for me to participate.

This time giveaway would be the Sigma travel size brush set. Check out Eki's Sigma Beauty + Giveaway post.

Though I don't fancy pink that much, I guess I wouldn't mind owning this set of make up brush. I have always wanted to get more make up brush or better quality one as the one I have now is from SaSa. I couldn't tell whether they are good or not because I have nothing to compare to.

I would love to have a try at Sigma though I don't think we have this brand in Malaysia.

Now let's all pray for me to win. Or you can participate, too, if you want to have a go and fight with me. *stare*

I am just kidding. But I guess it's fair play so go participate if you want this set of Sigma travel size brush set, too.

Good luck!

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