Saturday, November 12, 2011

Langkawi Getaway (Part 1)

During early October, I have went on a further trip to Langkawi instead of the usual Penang and Ipoh trip with my tripping buddies, Karen and Bennie.

So I thought since I actually have those pictures edited and posted in Facebook, let's not waste it and have some posts here as well. I am gonna separate this trip into a few blog posts and hopefully I won't be too lazy to finish posting them up. (Though it's mostly like to happen)

Anyway, my DSLR lens auto-focus died the first day we were there and other than these photos I have below, all the others photos are taken with manual focusing. Let me enlighten you, it ain't fun at al. Especially when I need to focus fast and capture photos fast.

But anyway, I survived the trip and currently I have yet to send my lens to fix yet. I will. Soon.

Back to photos, basically these are the photos we captured after we checked into the hotel right when we reached Langkawi. We were indeed very hyper when we first touched down and chilling in the hotel room, so hyper we took all the silly photos below.

We stayed in Arwana Porto Malai from a deal we bought from MyDeal months ago. Thank god we managed to make the trip before the voucher expired on us.

The deal only cost us about RM158 per night if I am not mistaken. (Couldn't remember too well since it has been months) Definitely worth it for Awana Porto Malai plus we stayed three person in a room and it can be considered as super cheap. We had a two nights stay and I wouldn't want to leave if not for I have to.

The room is very spacious and though the room's condition is alright, the bathroom is a little bit run down for my liking. I think I got too used to Highland Hotel in Genting.

But due to voucher usage, we couldn't get a better view room so we got stuck with not a very pleasant view from our window. But if it's those room at the opposite side, it would be an overview of the sea right in front of the window.

Other than that, I think I am pretty satisfied and would love to stay there longer, trying to run away from the city for a while.

Definitely wouldn't mind going back there but the original price for the hotel, I don't think I will be very willing to pay.

Now hopefully I will be good enough to post the rest of the trip up.

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