Monday, October 24, 2011

Eki Giveaway: Sigma Make Me Cool - Aqua Brush Set

Seriously, I bet the only thing that make me blog nowadays is Ekiblog's giveaway. Or else I don't think you would see this blog being updated. But Eki's giveaway is always so tempting that I have to re-blog about!

This time, Eki is having another giveaway of Sigma brush set again. For this giveaway, we have Sigma Make Me Cool - Aqua Brush Set!

Look at those color! If I could win this, I would actually be happy that I didn't win the Sigma travel size brush set in pink.

Not exactly a fan in pink but this color is so pretty! I want!

Now, I would tell you all not to participate again but I know you won't listen. lol Plus I am not that selfish to keep this to myself.

So now, go to Eki's blog post about this giveaway and re-blog your own if you wanted to win this as much as I do!

Seriously, this brush set is really super pretty with the aqua blue color plus the container. So awesome. I think we don't have the brand Sigma here in Malaysia though.

Or else, wish me luck! Hopefully I win this time or just pray hard for more giveaway from Ekiblog.

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Peiyinn said...

The giveaway is so adorable! It's so great that it contain different sizes of make up brushes. :)

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