Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesome Internship

I have been having my intern in this agency for the past four months, if anyone of you have yet to know yet. That is one of the reason of why my blog has not been updated for such a long time.

Agency work has been mostly hectic and when it is not, I was busy living my life outta work. While my internship is coming to an end this month, I guess I would have more time to blog and live my other lives.

Since I have been preparing photos for my intern reports, so why waste the photos.

All photos are taken using my iPhone throughout my stay and it was not exactly taken for the sake of my report, it was all taken because I love the place!

And another shocking fact to maybe most of you, my internship is actually quite awesome. Seriously, I would love to stay longer if I can.

But my service will come to an end very soon and I believe there is no better time to post these photos here. These pictures are edited for my report and my report has been a very last minute one. Hopefully I made it through.

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