Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forensic Heroes III (法證先鋒 III)

In the middle of my hectic life reasonly, I managed to watch a full TVB drama online. Forensic Heroes 3 and the reason I started watching this is not because I remember how the previous Forensic Heroes dramas were very interesting and fascinating but because most the cast are those I like of.

But  it was a damn good thing I actually started watching this because it is seriously damn good! No joke.

Those who have watched Forensic Heroes and Forensic Heroes 2 should know very well and Forensic Heroes 3 must not be missed.

While I am trying to share this link where I watched this drama from, HK Secret Garden. The update was crazily fast as previously this drama was still airing in Hong Kong on weekdays, the updates are on par to the one airing in Hong Kong.

Every weekday, the episode aired in Hong Kong on the same day would be online by 12am. Even though that means I can only watch one episode per session, I am actually grateful for the fast upload from the admin of the site.

The only downfall of watching from that site is because it was uploaded to Videozer or VideoBB where there is a time limit to watch the video. Somehow through it, I managed to find a site, MegaSkipper where it can bypass the time limit and it works miraculously.

Until one day when they decided that everyone should use the Chrome extension instead of using the direct site, it has been a little bit of a trouble. At times, the Chrome extension does not work and I ended up with over limit and could not proceed with the video anymore. Yet, at times it does work.

But the bad thing is, the MegaSkipper site could not be used anymore. They insist and the only way to use it is through Chrome extension. While I never like using browser extension like this, I was left with no choice.

At least I have finished the drama now! Finally finished the final episode just last night and now I am here to share!

Click here to watch Forensic Heroes 3.

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